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Weiss Remeberance
by; Deandra Lily

PRELUDE; written by the Author’s P.O.V

Though you don’t know it because I never ended up finishing RHH, Deandra does, in fact, die at the very end. Too bad you won’t have the time to cry over it because another ‘Deandra’ appears in Weiss. Hey, I’m not saying that its the real Deandra. For all you know, its a fucking fake!

Note: The world in which Weiss occurs is called “Resonance”. It is the world in which ALL my stories occur.

End of RHH

“I’m sorry, Rianne … Tori.”

Rianne couldn’t stop the tears from falling anymore.

“Why? Why didn’t you tell us earlier? Aren’t we your friends?”

Deandra laughed weakly, most of the bottom half of her body already ashes. “I didn’t realize it soon enough. Even if I did, it wouldn’t have changed anything.”

Rianne clenched her fists. “Idiot! You don’t know that! We could’ve helped …”

Deandra didn’t reply. She looked at her hand. “Funny. I’m burning and yet I don’t feel a thing.”

Rianne wanted to run to her. She wanted to her out of the flames but Tori grabbed her shoulder. The raven-haired turned to him with the fiercest glare she could muster but with her tears, it wasn’t convincing.

“Tori … go find a real girl to fall in love with.”

“I refused.”

Deandra smiled. “That could’ve been the last thing I’ve ever said.”

The other boy smiled back. “But it wasn’t.”

“Witty to the very end. Thanks.” She closed her eyes.

“WAIT! Deandra! Don’t go! PLEASE! I-” Rianne screamed fighting back Tori’s grasp.

“It was fun while it lasted … Me-”

The flames vanished. Rianne’s eyes widened and her tears stopped for a second. Tori looked away and clenched his fist ’til his nails dug into his skin.

Merry Christmas.

That was what the ending of RHH was supposed to be. It was during a Christmas Masquerade. A few days before, Deandra had agreed to be Tori’s dance partner. The hopeless twit was happy. Way happy. But he realized it was too unlike Deandra and when she didn’t arrive at the Masquerade on time, he Tori got worried and went to look for her. Along the way, he bumps into Rianne who has the same worries. The both of them find Deandra at Azure Lake. And thus the whole conversation above.

(note: RH occurs in everyone’s first year of high school. Meaning everyone (excluding Korin and Tori) are 15-16. Korin and Tori are both 17 … there are THREE years of RH)

Ever since, Tori’s been in a state of depression. Rianne starts blaming herself for a lot of things and is unable to fully recover either. Unlike Tori, Rianne rotated between happy and manic and depressive stages. She also developed a fear of fire.

Tori actually leaves the school at the end of their second year to look for Deandra and no one had the chance to stop him. Tori is basically the Takayuki of RH.

Rianne’s state becomes extremely unstable and she starts throwing fits more often. Hell, she even sent Korin to the hospital with a broken arm once. Soon the two start arguing a lot and before their third graduation the two break up.

Mirielle, Alina and the others, in the meanwhile, tried their best to patch things up but it was to no avail.

Rianne ends up running away to Nothern.

After graduation (2 years after Deandra’s death), Alina becomes a teacher at RH and Mirielle becomes Temperance’s (Korin-tachi’s band) un-official manager.

As I said in my previous post, Mirielle and Lauren and Alina and James are still dating.

Korin, after Rianne’s leave, goes from unconditionally kind to unreasonably cold. He becomes stoic, indifferent and distant to everyone and no one is ever sure what he’s thinking about anymore.

Lauren, the once extremely shy kid, becomes more outgoing and outspoken. Though he still has some self-confidence problems he is a much brighter person than before.

James is still a geek but he is less ‘geeky’ and ‘annoying’ than before. In his free time from the band, he runs a popular online-game called “resonance” (shameless plug and world name irony)

Mirielle is still … Mirielle. Happy, bubbly and perceptive.

Alina has relatively stayed the same. Albeit, she has started to see things in less objective way and has become more honest to her own emotions.

In a nutshell!

  • Alina is a teacher at Royal Heart and is still in contact with Mirielle and Temperance boys. She is still dating James.
  • Mirielle is Korin’s band’s un-official manager. She is still dating Lauren.
  • Temperance: Korin (guitar, back-up vocals, lyrics/music), Lauren (lead singer, lyrics/music), James (drums)
  • Korin became cold, stoic and distant. He is no longer dating Rianne.
  • Lauren became more outspoken.
  • James became … less annoying.
  • Rianne is Nothern working as a model. She is no longer dating Korin. She has not spoken to anyone from Royal Heart since she left.
  • Tori is Southern without a job looking for Deandra. He plays songs on his guitar for money. Yes, he sings and writes his own music.


Click image to enlarge

Here’s a crappy paint-made geography of Resonance. I never said this (or maybe I did) but Resonance is (in my mind) a world hovering above ours. It extends from North America, Europe, Russia, China and Japan. Just so you know, this is also the world Dark Crimson occurs in. Both stories occur nearly at the same time.

When we see Tori in Chapter One he will be with DC’s main character Scythe and Kira asking them help. Yeah, I love shameless plugs.

All is said and done.

While waiting, enjoy this teaser of Chapter One


“Deandra!” Tori exclaims again making the young girl turn around.

The man beside the young girl gave Tori a strange look before turning to his companion who Tori thought to be Deandra.

“D’you know him?”

The girl shook her head. “No.”

Tori walked drunkenly towards the girl. The depth of his hopelessness and fatigue (as well as his insanity) showing in his green lobes. Two years of aimless travel did not do him well. He couldn’t even hear that the girl denied being Deandra.

Tori put his hand on her shoulder and sunk in unconsciousness. “De … andra …”

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No really wow.

Life is unfair. But I’ll admit, Life can be fair from time to time. I srsly didn’t REALLY think I’d be able to go back. Really. Sure I had a little hope. But damn.

That said. I’m happy. No wait, REALLY happy.

But thanks to that, I’m having a writer’s block. I don’t like being depressed. I hate it. Honestly though, I can only really write when I’m depressed or in some kind of negative mood. Plus, when I’m happy, I think everything I write is crap … so I’m afraid of looking over my draft right now. If I do, I’m going to want to trash it.

Basically, I’m trying to stay away from DC right now until .. euh … I’m in a bad mood.

Yeah, this REALLY isn’t convenient.

Anyways, it’s my birthday soon … in like … 2 days actually (04/03)

I didn’t do anything special last year … last year was a bit … “tumultuous” for lack of a better word. I would laugh at it. But I honestly can’t. It was sufficiently depressing enough for me NOT to poke fun at it. Which is a first for me.

I kind of don’t want to think about it but really it just comes up.

Oh great.

I’ve just destroyed my own good mood. (Good going D!)

I wrote it in my last post … that something is really bothering me lately. I haven’t been thinking about it much but when I’m typing like this … I can’t help but think about it.

It really scares me. It really REALLY does.

Not in the “ah! A spider!” or in my case “ah! we’re too high!” kind of way.

More in the I-am-denying-this-because-there-is-no-way-its-possible kind of away. Think Suzaku not wanting to believe he’s gay for that Lulu is Zero type thing.

Well, now that I’ve sufficiently depressed myself (I swear I didn’t purposely do it) I’m going to go write.

Not DC though. No. I’d have to go watch YnM and listen to loud emo rock for an hour before I get in the mood for DC.

I’m probably going to start on Royal Heart … which isn’t called Royal Heart anymore. It’s called “Weißes Rememberance” … Weiss being German for White. The title changed since I have no current of re-writing the first arc of RH in which the main protagonist are all attending Royal Heart Academy.

Rememberance (since I don’t want to used the word “weiss” since it’ll confuse me with the anime Weiss Kreuz) is the arc after RH … which happened about … 3-4 years after Deandra’s ‘death’.

There will be sufficient flashbacks in Rememberance to recall and explain events of the first arc that were never written.

Oh, just to say.

I’m not writing Remembrance seriously. In other words, I’m writing it for the pure fun of it. It’s my little toy and my opportunity to squish in shameless DC plugs.

I’m posting the whole story here chapter by chapter.

Andohbythway, expect useless drama, soap-opera-elements, over-dramatic events, incomprehensible plot and any but all possible clichés that can possibly be named.

(One other change is that I’ve changed the whole location. I’m putting them all in my OC world; Resonance)


Weiss Rememberance, by; Deandra Lily

It’s been almost four years since Deandra’s ‘death’ that cold christmas night and one year since everyone’s graduation from Royal Heart. What has happened to our cast?

The once awkward but sweet couple, Korin and Rianne, have gone they’re separate ways since graduation. Rianne is living has been living in the Nothern continent with a modeling job since and has not had any contact with anyone from Royal Heart.

Korin, Lauren and James have all stayed in Hydale and their popularity as a band is steadily growing with Lauren as the lead singer, James at the drummer and Korin as the lead guitarist in Tori’s place. Mirielle is still dating Lauren and is currently the band’s unofficial manager.

Alina is still dating James. They don’t see each other much, albeit, due to their jobs. Alina is the only one to have remained in Royal Heart as a teacher but she still is in contact with Mirielle and the others.

Tori, on the other hand, is on a pointless journey through the Southern continent for Deandra who he refuses to believe is dead.

One day on the job, Alina finds a young orphan in Royal Heart’s woods who claims her mom’s name is “Deandra”

Wait! That’s not even the dramatic part.

At the same time, somewhere in the Southern continent, Tori finally finds who he was looking for …


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Started listening to quite a few BLCDs lately. I’m too lazy to write an actual review so I’ll just write up some quick opinions on them.

Oi! Tanaka-kun series (1-2-3)

Sakurai Takahiro x Suzumaru Kenichi

Suzumaru Kenichi x Sakurai Takahiro

Morikawa Toshiyuki x Suzuki Tatsuhisa

Miyata Kouki x Chiba Susumu

Suzumaru Kenichi x Yoshino Hiroyuki

Sakurai Takahiro x Morikawa Toshiyuki

Narita Ken x Chiba Susumu

The number of pairings in the first DRAMA surprised me. The cast was amazing as well. Srsly, Sakupyon topping MoriMori? I just HAD to see that! Also, anything with SuzuKen and Sakupyon together goes for me ever since The Ring Finger knows. The first CD was just a couple of one-shots with one recurring story concerning two Tanakas (Jirou and Kenji) … they were all so fun, but Escatsy wa Eien ni was my favorite one *smirk* I was so glad when I listened to the 2nd drama and realized that it was the sequel to Estasy! ‘Cept this time around MoriMori tops Sakupyon. The third drama was little more eh, angsty? Bah, not really. But the mood was definitely different. The somewhat cliffhanger-ish ending of it has left me wanting more Oi! Tanaka-kun dramas. -cries-

Only the Ring Finger knows series (1-4) Sakurai Takahiro x Suzumura Ken’ichi
Loved the manga. Loved the dramas. Need the novel. NAO!!!! -dies- I simply can’t get enough of Wataru and Kazuki! They are absolutely adorable! The fourth CD was nosebleed material. I remember listening to it in the metro because I thought that their wouldn’t be any smut. The first three CDs barely had any so I was easily able to keep my cool listening to them but … the 4th was … another story. I was walking up the stairs when the scene started and well I sort of slipped and fell down the stairs. Luckily, it was only like … 5 steps or I would’ve gone to the hospital. *groans*

Seven Days – MONDAYS –> THURSDAY Nakamura Yuuichi x Fukuyama Jun

At the sight of this pairing I immediately clicked the download button. Yuutan is my latest fave in both seme and uke roles (tho’ I haven’t listened to many of his CDs). I’ve always loved FukuJun. He’s really good at giving his character personality and that’s just … so damn awesome. This time it was a Kouhai x Senpai pairing. Hell, I’m not sure which one of them is seme but it sure seems like Yuutan’s the seme so … I’mma go with that. FukuJun’s character “Shino Yuzuru” has immediately become one of my favs. He’s just … so ‘different’. He’s blunt, honest, outgoing and ‘daring’. In the first track, he’s the one who went “Go out with me” to Yuutan’s chara Seiryo.

Seiryo: Hmmm, Shino-senpai’s face is nice

Shino: (is thinking of what Seiryo would do if he asked …) Jaa, ore to tsukiatte yo. Jaa, go out with me.

I honestly died when he asked. I went ‘eh?’ at the same time Seiryo did … just a little louder and fangirl-like. Another scene that made ‘EH?!’ was the kiss scene. Damn. Shino closed his eyes just to see what Seiryo would do. I was like “WELL DAMN RIGHT HE’S GONNA KISS YOU!” … but anyways, Yuzuru and Seiryo are a really cute couple and Yuutan and FukuJun did a great job at the voicing. From the title, it looks like there’s going to have another CD for “FRIDAY —> SUNDAY” … or at least, I hope so. ><

When I finish listening to Shinayakana Netsujo 3: Azayaka Renjou, I’ll post it here too.


I have homework. I got my red highlights. I don’t want to do my homework. I’m trying a new approach at writing DC. I love ‘I am Ghost’.

Two weeks in a nutshell minus that I got my iPod.

It’s less than a week before my b-day and I find myself in a sort strange state of melancholy. I’m not depressed or anything. Just … melancholic. I’ve been thinking of a lot of crap lately. Or more like … I’m trying not to think about it but it just comes out. I keep telling myself that it was just a dream and prolly the result of too much yaoi. But that’s honestly not helping me one bit. I’d prefer not to think about it. It’s too much to sink in and I ABSOLUTELY don’t want things to really be that way. Srsly, a situation like that happening? HA?! Am I kidding myself?! I need a fucking life. Or at least something to distract me. Yaoi is not helping, for once. It’s making it worst.


No, I’ll be honest.

I’m afraid. I was already having doubts .. but up until now, I’ve been treating it as a joke. I still kind of am. But if its really that way? No. No, no, no. I can’t srsly think that. It’s probably because there was no one else. There was nothing special about it. Nothing at all.

For now, I won’t say anything.

I’ll keep it to myself.

I’ll pretend like its nothing.

Nothing has change.

I’m just being strange.


At least I hope so.

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I wrote a few drabbles based off whatever came out on my iPod. Har har. All of them are Matt x Mello.

Yellow Moon – Akeboshi

No one answered the phone. Mello cursed. How dare Matt not answer his phone? What was the whole point in buying one if he was just going to ignore his calls? The blond hung up and waited.


Mello turned around to face a familiar redhead. “What took you so damn long?!”

The hacker smiled. “Here. It’s a birthday gift.”

Matt handed a box to the blond who took it grudgingly. He swore he wasn’t not going to forgive the redhead just because he got him present.

“What is it?”

“Just open it.”

Mello untied the ribbon and ripped off the wrappings. He was expecting chocolate … but what he found was something else.

“Like it?” Matt asked with a smile.

It was a snow globe.

“… You could’ve just gotten me some chocolate.”

Innocent Days – Hitomi

Matt ran as fast as he could.

“Damnit Mello! You better be alive.”

The hacker ran over to Mello’s limb body. He was still breathing. Matt sighed, relieved. But it was no time to be relaxing, Mello could die any second now in his condition. Matt took the blond in his arms.


“Shut up. I’m getting you out of here.”

Mello snickered weakly. “It’s like those days are back again.”

“What days?” Matt asked, frustrated Mello wasn’t listening to him.

“At whammy’s … you would always follow me everywhere.”

Mello was right. Only, there was one thing different with then and now.


They both knew.

Those peaceful days would never return.

Apology – Alesana

Mello’s hands gripped the wheel tighter. He bit his lip to stop himself from shouting angrily. He knew, there was a chance that Matt would die. Hell, the blond himself was bound to die any second now too. Still, he wanted to apologize.

“I’m sorry, Matt.”

He breathe in heavily. Matt didn’t have to get involved. He didn’t have to follow him. But the redhead did anyway. Why? Why did he?

“I guess … I’m going to have ask him later.” He muttered quietly himself.

The blond felt a thump in his heart.

It’s over.

Imperfection – Skillet

Mello never understood his own worth. He thought he did. But in truth, he didn’t know a thing. Matt, on the hand, knew. Mello wasn’t in second place. To the redhead at least, Mello was number one. Near meant nothing. Mello was everything.

But how could he get the blond to understand that?

“You don’t have to come tomorrow …”

Matt shook his head. “I’m coming, definitely.”

“But …”

“You know … if we don’t this … Near will never be able to win against Kira.”

Mello raised a brow. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

Matt smiled and landed his lips on the blonds.

You’re the reason that Kira’s going to lose.”

Gawds do I miss writing Death Note drabbles.

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It’s a long-weekend again. Thank God.

Luckily for me, aside from school, life’s been more or less normal. There are the occasional family small problems but its become practically an everyday thing so I’m getting used to it. It’s not a good thing to get used to, sure. But really, it’s nothing new anymore. My moral goes down a lot during those times but hell, I’m human too.

I haven’t been able to write anything properly lately. My steam seems to have to run out but this happens now and then … I’ll get back on track soon. I still got about two months before I have to finish my second draft so I can still take it easy.

On the bright side, I finally got a new iPod! I was supposed to get an 8GB Nano but the 80GB classic was on sale so my Dad bought it for me (well, I did pay more than a 1/3 of it tho’). It’s so new an shiny! @_@

I’ve been toying around until late last night. Converting my anime into mp4 format takes longer than I thought … but I did manage to get some Koutetsu Sangokushi, Shigofumi, Ghost Hound episodes in it. I’m planning on getting the entire Code Geass series in it soon too … since I plan on re-watching it one last time before R2.

Speaking of CG, I’ve been quite a CG freak lately. I’m really overly excited for r2 that it’s unhealthy. The only thing I have yet to devour is the manga (and the light novels, but I can’t read kanji or kana soo …) which I plan to after re-watching the anime one more time. Lulu has definitely gone up in my list of favorite male anime characters. His probably already in 2nd place (after Matt)! Tomoya’s in third and Ryuichi soon following.

In the Drama CD department, I’m desperately trying to listen to non-BLCDs. I’ve found a few I’m interested in listening to (namely Dogs and the Saiunkoku Monogatari dramas). I’ve already got Dogs in my iPod but I haven’t finished it yet. I’ve only listened to Badou’s story so far (I skipped Mihai’s)

I did listen to Ahomo: Mossore tho’ and damn that was one hell of a funny drama! It wasn’t BL, per say but it was slash (and one of the main characters was homo). I also got the 2nd CD of Only the Ring Finger knows but I haven’t gotten any further than the first track yet. My list of things to listen and watch has definitely increased to a point where I don’t know what to do anymore. Things will get worst when all the spring anime start airing and I really do go nuts so I have to shorten the list before then.

Last bit of news, it’s my birthday in about 15 days! That’s something to look forward too, thank God! Actually, I’m going to ask my brother if he can bring me to Marché Clandestin and pay for some manga/novel I want (namely Junjo Romantica and Only the Ring Finger knows)  … (well, I kind of want FAKE, too) The most important is definitely at least one volume of Junjo and the first novel of Ring Finger. If he’s willing to pay for more, I might get Gravitation EX and the second volume of Junjo.

Honestly though, I just really need $$ for my b-day. All my money went to my iPod so I’m broke. Its times like this I wish I was old enough to have a job. *mutters* Just one more year! (I’m turning 15)

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We wish we can go back to another time.
Like an easy to remember Chorus of a song
Repeating; over and over
Soft Ivory skin, wrapped in soft velvet cloth
Slowly; slipping away
You drown down your sorrows into the depths of your heart. Running away …

Regret. Guilt.

Self-Justification; a noble cause for a ‘Better’ world?

The lonely path of Carnage is a long and painful one. A life of lies and hidden truths. Driven by a single purpose, you’ll one day lose track of.


When it is too late,
the Agony will be too much to bear.
You will discard it away. You will abandon it.
Pretend it never happened. Then,
you too will believe your own lies

Everything is lost.


written by: Deandra Lily (Diane-N)

inspired from; Code GEASS: Hangyaku no Lelouch

Call this my way of celebrating the fact that R2 is airing soon.

I was re-watching Code Geass to put make me remember everything again and I felt like writing this after the seeing the last episode again. Damn. I saw it once but it still ‘shocked’ me when I watched it again.

Lulu and Suzaku facing off like that … the gunshot … C.C’s words at the end.

The first time I watched it, I had originally thought they wanted to imply Lulu’s death but that, of course, can’t be. There’s a second season after all!

There is a HUGE possibility that Lulu’s probably forgot about many and/or all the events of the first season. I was kind of hoping that wouldn’t happen but it seems almost 100% sure now. -cries- It’d explain why Zero’s gone missing and what FukuJun meant by “Lelouch is back where he started… in a lot of ways.”

Anyways, that rumor is what made the ending to the poem. I wonder if what caused his memory loss was the explosion from the sakuradite or maybe C.C did something.

Speaking of Sakuradite, how the hell could Suzaku, Kallen and Lulu escape it alive?! Unless it didn’t explode at all … man, the tension is killing me.

R2 takes ONE WHOLE YEAR after the events of the first season. One hell of a lot of crap must’ve happened in that year. Like where the hell did Rollo pop out from and why did he have to replace Rival and become the motorcycle guy? I liked Rival. -cries-

ANDOH! Lulu has longer hair. Even if it’s only just a little, it sure makes him cute. He looks like such a good guy now! Which is even more proof to the fact that he might’ve lost his memory. (yeah, I’m still complaining)

Anyways, I don’t want to make myself even more excited for R2 than I am already so I’ll stop here.

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Drama CD 1 and 2


Shimono Hiro as Shuu (uke), Fukuyama Jun as Natsu (seme), Nojima Ken as Yuu (Shuu’s younger brother), Itou Kentarou as Akeyoshi (Shuu’s classmate) and Orikasa Ai as Haru-chan (Natsu’s cousin)

(Sadly I don’t remember any of the character’s full names. Gomen!)

Bah, since the premise is simple, I’ll skip the sypnosis and get right to it. Wagamama is basically love comedy story of Natsu and Shuji’s relationship. You’ll notice, as soon as you start listening, that the entire is drama is just a couple of short stories.

There isn’t really anything that special about Wagamama. It’s your typical love comedy story. Sure the humor is pretty funny but what makes it even funnier is the characters themselves.

First up is Shuji! The main uke of the story. He is childhood friends with Natsu and his brother is Yuu (ItouKen). Since they were  kids, Shuu has been somewhat like a guardian to Natsu. He cooks for him, wakes him up for school and well, basically does everything to spoil the guy. Though, he does get angry and reprimand Natsu when needed. He’s voiced by Shimono Hiro so I’m not complaining.

Second is my ultimate fave, Natsu! Smart, tall and beautiful. Despite his looks, Natsu is selfish, spoiled (in a terribly so-cute-you-can-die way) and clumsy. Basically, this guy can’t do a thing on his own. But he’s honest and earnestly tries hard to do things for Shuu sometimes. He’s a really puppy-like character and that’s what does his charm, I’d say. He’s kinda like Tsuzuki (YnM) minus the angst.

The first thing that made me fall for him was his voice. The only FukuJun roles I could recall hearing is Yayoi, Lulu and Keita. Natsu was definitely … different-ish. He sounded like an adorable little puppy I thought I was going to DIE! “HAPPARI KAO?!” Were Natsu not with Shuu he’d be a definite uke.

One of my fav scenes with him would definitely be when he was worrying that he sucks at sex because of what Yuu said. He has a sort of self-esteem problem but the way he tries so hard is really adorable. Natsu is 100% ADORABLE!

Even the side characters, Akeyoshi, Haru-chan and Yuu are easily to like.

Overall, Wagamama is a great drama to listen to even on the go. It doesn’t require much understanding and the stories are easy to get into. It’s fun, fun, fun all the way. -lol- The amount of H-scenes is pretty high (there’s was one every two tracks in the first drama!) and honestly, I’m not complaining.

(Sorry for delaying Unbalance na Netsu, I’ll do it tomorrow swear)

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I had a dream I was in a band called “DRizzle.d” the other day and I suddenly got in the mood to write some lyrics. It’s dedicated to my DC characters Scythe and Kira.

LYRICS and DARK CRIMSON (c) copyright to me Diane-N (a.k.a Deandra Lily)


1. Every second feels like a lifetime

my dreams won’t come to an end

I just wish I can escape

run away from all the wrong

trying to find what’s right

see your face once more


When can I stop running from the dark?

return to light

start breathing again

my heart is frozen cold

and only you can melt the ice

make roses red again

brush the petals against my skin

2.You told me once I brought it upon myself

but at the time I had no choice

trapped myself in unwanted illusion

It was just too much to ask

the lie, the truth, which one?

I need a helping hand



There is only one way

to find where I can go

the light at the other end

the place where you are

right now I still can’t reach it

but that day will one day come

I’ll see your face once more

3. The time is now (to stop running) …

Fin. Return to the light

start breathing again

my heart is frozen cold

and only you will melt the ice

the roses are red again

I feel the petals against my skin

I don’t write lyrics often so I’m not really good at it. I’m no lyricist after all! But I really felt like writing this. Kira and Scythe are really my primary source for poetry. Their relationship is just so tragically beautiful I can’t help myself. It’d be awesome if I can get some music to accompany this song since I really like it compared to the previous D.C lyrics I wrote ><


  • BLCD Review of Unbalance na Netsu and Wagamama Dakedo Itoshikute

Just listened to Wagamama CD1 and 2 yesterday and it’s definitely a drama I want to review after I listened to CD3. FukuJun’s character Natsu’s going to get a few paragraphs for him alone. Yeah, I loved him that much.

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