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Started listening to quite a few BLCDs lately. I’m too lazy to write an actual review so I’ll just write up some quick opinions on them.

Oi! Tanaka-kun series (1-2-3)

Sakurai Takahiro x Suzumaru Kenichi

Suzumaru Kenichi x Sakurai Takahiro

Morikawa Toshiyuki x Suzuki Tatsuhisa

Miyata Kouki x Chiba Susumu

Suzumaru Kenichi x Yoshino Hiroyuki

Sakurai Takahiro x Morikawa Toshiyuki

Narita Ken x Chiba Susumu

The number of pairings in the first DRAMA surprised me. The cast was amazing as well. Srsly, Sakupyon topping MoriMori? I just HAD to see that! Also, anything with SuzuKen and Sakupyon together goes for me ever since The Ring Finger knows. The first CD was just a couple of one-shots with one recurring story concerning two Tanakas (Jirou and Kenji) … they were all so fun, but Escatsy wa Eien ni was my favorite one *smirk* I was so glad when I listened to the 2nd drama and realized that it was the sequel to Estasy! ‘Cept this time around MoriMori tops Sakupyon. The third drama was little more eh, angsty? Bah, not really. But the mood was definitely different. The somewhat cliffhanger-ish ending of it has left me wanting more Oi! Tanaka-kun dramas. -cries-

Only the Ring Finger knows series (1-4) Sakurai Takahiro x Suzumura Ken’ichi
Loved the manga. Loved the dramas. Need the novel. NAO!!!! -dies- I simply can’t get enough of Wataru and Kazuki! They are absolutely adorable! The fourth CD was nosebleed material. I remember listening to it in the metro because I thought that their wouldn’t be any smut. The first three CDs barely had any so I was easily able to keep my cool listening to them but … the 4th was … another story. I was walking up the stairs when the scene started and well I sort of slipped and fell down the stairs. Luckily, it was only like … 5 steps or I would’ve gone to the hospital. *groans*

Seven Days – MONDAYS –> THURSDAY Nakamura Yuuichi x Fukuyama Jun

At the sight of this pairing I immediately clicked the download button. Yuutan is my latest fave in both seme and uke roles (tho’ I haven’t listened to many of his CDs). I’ve always loved FukuJun. He’s really good at giving his character personality and that’s just … so damn awesome. This time it was a Kouhai x Senpai pairing. Hell, I’m not sure which one of them is seme but it sure seems like Yuutan’s the seme so … I’mma go with that. FukuJun’s character “Shino Yuzuru” has immediately become one of my favs. He’s just … so ‘different’. He’s blunt, honest, outgoing and ‘daring’. In the first track, he’s the one who went “Go out with me” to Yuutan’s chara Seiryo.

Seiryo: Hmmm, Shino-senpai’s face is nice

Shino: (is thinking of what Seiryo would do if he asked …) Jaa, ore to tsukiatte yo. Jaa, go out with me.

I honestly died when he asked. I went ‘eh?’ at the same time Seiryo did … just a little louder and fangirl-like. Another scene that made ‘EH?!’ was the kiss scene. Damn. Shino closed his eyes just to see what Seiryo would do. I was like “WELL DAMN RIGHT HE’S GONNA KISS YOU!” … but anyways, Yuzuru and Seiryo are a really cute couple and Yuutan and FukuJun did a great job at the voicing. From the title, it looks like there’s going to have another CD for “FRIDAY —> SUNDAY” … or at least, I hope so. ><

When I finish listening to Shinayakana Netsujo 3: Azayaka Renjou, I’ll post it here too.


I have homework. I got my red highlights. I don’t want to do my homework. I’m trying a new approach at writing DC. I love ‘I am Ghost’.

Two weeks in a nutshell minus that I got my iPod.

It’s less than a week before my b-day and I find myself in a sort strange state of melancholy. I’m not depressed or anything. Just … melancholic. I’ve been thinking of a lot of crap lately. Or more like … I’m trying not to think about it but it just comes out. I keep telling myself that it was just a dream and prolly the result of too much yaoi. But that’s honestly not helping me one bit. I’d prefer not to think about it. It’s too much to sink in and I ABSOLUTELY don’t want things to really be that way. Srsly, a situation like that happening? HA?! Am I kidding myself?! I need a fucking life. Or at least something to distract me. Yaoi is not helping, for once. It’s making it worst.


No, I’ll be honest.

I’m afraid. I was already having doubts .. but up until now, I’ve been treating it as a joke. I still kind of am. But if its really that way? No. No, no, no. I can’t srsly think that. It’s probably because there was no one else. There was nothing special about it. Nothing at all.

For now, I won’t say anything.

I’ll keep it to myself.

I’ll pretend like its nothing.

Nothing has change.

I’m just being strange.


At least I hope so.


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