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Pairing; Yasumoto Hiroki x Nakamura Yuuichi

WAI! More Yuuto and Dick! OMGAAH! -squeels- KYAAAAA ~

Okay, squeeling and joy aside, Deadlock has become my absolutely favorite series … after Tanaka-kun. Or maybe their on the same level ….

Anyways … onto my review.

Summary: Two years after the events of DEADLOCK, Yuuto has been released from prison and joined the FBI in order to look for Corvus … all for the sake of seeing Dick again.

If you haven’t listened to DEADLOCK yet then the below rant will prolly confuse you … but if you don’t care read on ~


-bows- I praise Aida Saki-sama from writing this series. I haven’t read the novels (can’t read kana T_T) but if the drama is this good then the novels must be godlike. I thought the FIRST DRAMA was intense but DEADHEAT is just as intense if not even more. I was on edge the entire way, clutching my pillow like I was watching a scary movie or something. I’ve NEVER been that on edge listening a drama … EVER. The adrenaline … the stress … the panic … GAH! I thought I was going to die of anticipation.

The music, the voice acting, the story, the H (despite short), the ending (which was the biggest cliffhanger for me since Geass) was all so damn perfect.

(I think I’m flattering this CD too much but I haven’t listened to anything this good since Kotohana no Hana and Azayakana Renjou … which ironically are both Kamiyan-uke dramas ….)

I don’t want to make a more detailed summary about this drama … well, I never do … but this time it’s because it’s more fun to learn everything on your own. I know I’m repeating myself but MAN THIS DRAMA PUTS YOU ON EDGE! -shouts- The great voice acting from Yuutan-tachi is part of the reason but another big reason is prolly the music which really puts you in the right mood. It makes the initial tension ten times more tense. Really, keeping that much tension inside was NOT good for me. I had to keep from squeeling every now and then ‘cuz it was 1AM but okay …

Oh and speaking of music, Debussy’s clair de lune started playing in CD2 track 6. I was like “WHOA?!” for a second there and ended up losing the stream of what was going on all the while it was playing. Clair de lune always makes me think of twilight after all … but back to DEADHEAT …

I also wanted to mention the seiyuu because I loved them so damn much ❤ I can’t remember the complete cast but I remembered the essentiels … namely, MikiShin, Yuutan, Yasumoto and Yusa (LOL AT ALL THE “Y”s)

I’ll start with MikiShin because he kind of freaked me out in this drama. I honestly found him scary which is weird. Maybe I was tired or something but his voice did manage to put a chill down my spine. Scary murderer terro guy ><

Next Yasumoto. I never really like his type of voice but his plays Dick so well that I just ended up not caring about it anymore. One second he was totally cold and I wanted to punch him the next he’s all kind and I go “SQUEE!!!” … It really broke my heart when he was acting all cold towards Yuutan when they finally get to meet and talk. I found myself crying before I knew it >.<;;;

SPOILERS: My favorite scene in the DRAMA was in the second CD when Yuuto goes to see Dick in his hotel room and Dick acts like a total asshole breaking Yuuto’s heart. T_T The whole “he won’t play catchball with me” kinda cracked me up but I couldn’t bring myself to laugh because of how sad the scene was. I’ve never cried listening to drama. Not even in Gin no Requiem or Hybrid Child … but this ONE scene really did me in. I’ll admit I only shed a few tears but managing to make me cry is a big feat. I’m not one for tears after all.

Then we have Yusa! I can’t recall listening to a drama in which his played a main character but I really do love this guy. I have to remind myself to listen to BLCD he stars in after this … but anyways! I thought I was going to hate Rob (Yusa’s chara) because he was aiming for Yuuto but I found myself really liking this guy. In that one scene where Rob was supposed to kiss Yuuto but was just teasing him, I was honestly disappointed instead of relieved. I wanted them to kiss! WHOA. That’s a big thing, really. I was really glad that they did get a kiss together later on tho’ … (but they didn’t go any further tho’)

Finally Yuutan … whose quickly become one of my absolute favorite seiyuu. I loved him from the second I first heard his voice as Tomoya (I think I said this already) … his probably my favorite uke/seme seiyuu after Sakurai (whose still my God) … which is big considering Yuutan hasn’t been around for that long I believe. It also makes me laugh how he’s always the first to talk in the freetalks. God do I love this guy ❤ -squeels-

But Yuutan aside, his portrayal as Yuuto was …. okay, fuck the pretty words. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! I absolutely love ukes of Yuuto’s type. Most of time the cool type but is actually really really cute inside. I really loved how Dick had compared Yuuto to his dog. That was fun ~ and kind of Zack and Angeal all over again …

((Speaking of Final Fantasy comparisons, I finally finished Meine Liebe and I couldn’t help but think of Cloud and Aerith in that one scene where Orphe meets his sister again in the flower field. Um hello? Advent Children flashback!!! To add at that, Orphe and Cloud are both voiced by Sakura … if Orphe’s sister was voiced by Sakamoto Maaya it would’ve been perfect … since they say the “You came” line))

Okay. My rant has gone on long enough. So to finish …

I WANT MOAR NOW! -cries- I can’t wait for the next release in this series.

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Code Geass R2 – 04


Rollo: 20      Suzaku: -5


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“The meaning of Nowaki is Typhoon … one day taking you in and, before realize, fall.” (more…)

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The dramatic entrance. It’s SO DRAMATIC that even the color scheme is blue. Too bad we don’t get an epic episode three kiss (*points at Naruto*). Oh well. I’ll try to be satisfied with the “fated encounter” stare.

YOITE! You. Are. So. AWESOME! Too bad the only real line he got was “Shinrabansho’s here” and “You’re bleeding, Shinrabansho” (maybe Miharu’s nickname should be “Shii-chan”) … I hope to hear him talk a little more in the future. Saiga Mituski 4tw! ❤

A panicked/hurt Miharu is fine too ❤ GAH! Miharu’s sooo cute! Too bad the only mind game we got from him this episode was the “adorable smile” to the Kairoushuu people.

-gets shot- … S-sasuke-kun?! … oh wait …. I-ishida-kun?! … -tte, janakute!! YOITE?! (Ironic how ‘both characters I just said are both voiced by Non-tan)

(Okay. So, is YoitexMiharu yuri or yaoi? Yaoi, obviously. But, the other can be considered in a fucked way since their both voice by women. WHOA?!XD)

Eyepatch Miharu next episode ❤

Now .. back to stalking Tokyo Toshokan for Junjo 03 …

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I haven’t changed my wallpaper in months so I decided “ohey! I’m bored let’s change it”. My desktop is a little messy right now since I’m lazy to transfer everything to their respective folders. -dies inside-

For once it’s a none-Geass wallpaper (I seem to have an attachement to Geass wallpapers) … I got this one in DA. http://syncaidia.deviantart.com/art/Damien-72146956 here to be more precise. \

I just screenshot’d everything in sight out pure laziness to close everything. My friend and I were talking about pronunciation and german names and other crap. Yeah. Definitely not a normal 15-year old girl’s conversation. Sorry but I’m not going all “OMG!AND LIKE .. THIS AND YEAH! AND NO WAY!? REALLY?!” anytime soon. (When I’m fangirl-ing maybe but otherwise no way)

As you can see, I’ve BL Tantei, Urabanashi and some other Drama CDs up there. I also got that CD with Kishio Daisuke and Namikawa Daisuke singing. Haven’t heard it all yet but I kinda like them singing together. (Not as good as Kamiyan and OnoD tho’ *points at monochrome factor ED*)

It’s sad how there isn’t much songs that Kamiya sang. He has such a nice singing voice. T_T

(Honestly, I’d like to hear Yuutan sing something. I’m pretty sure he has … but I can’t remember the role so I’ll have to look that up)

Speaking of Yuutan, I’ve decided to listen to Shiro no Kanata e next. MidoRin x Yuutan? Rly, I couldn’t resist.

HEY! That reminds me … 25th is DEADHEAT’S release! (sequel of DEADLOCK) I definitely CAN’T WAIT to DL it! MOAR MOAR YUUUTAN!

(Double Call 1-3 review coming soon)

((RANDOM: Three Daisuke’s in a post?! Let’s make it four with Hirakawa Daisuke!)) XD

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Weiss Remeberance by; Deandra Lily

Previous Chapters: Prelude, Ch01, Ch02

Author’s Notes: My last update has been over … three weeks ago I think. I’m kind of really bored at the moment so I decided to update.

Barely any detail in this chapter … just dialog. But dialog is fun so can I presume you won’t mind?

Chapter Three

At a small café near the airport …

“So … where have you been all this time?” Rianne started, taking a sip from her drink.

“Southern. You?”

Rianne snickered. “How obedient you’ve become. In the past you would have said something like ‘Shouldn’t I be asking you that question?'”

The man frowned. He didn’t appreciate Rianne prying.

“Fine. I won’t ask then.” Rianne put down her glass and stared at it. “I’ve been working as a model … in Nothern.”

Tori looked out the window. “I see.”

“Have … have you spoke with anyone since?”

“You know the answer to that.” He replied.

“You couldn’t either, could you?”



Korin’s house …

“Let me get this straight … Rianne is here for a show, Tori’s been forced to come back for some organisation James works for and we still have the girl to think about … anyone else think-”

“we’re in some kind of cheesy soap opera?” James completed, interrupting Mir.

“If you guys didn’t realize, we’re being toyed with by our good for nothing crap of a creator because she’s bored and has nothing to do but give us grief.”

“Korin, you’re not making any sense. Anyways, back to the matters at hand …” Mirielle continued ignoring Korin’s ‘it’s true, though’. “James you go get Tori as told, since it’s your job. Lauren and I will get Lina while looking for Ria. Korin you stay put.”

Korin sank in the couch. “Whatever.”

The phone rings, Mir answers.

“Hello? Ah, Lina? You saw Tori?! … Uh huh, yeah … then? Tori’s with Ria? Café? … Alright, got it.” (Mir hangs up the phone) “Change of plans. Korin, you used to work at P’tits Délices right?”


“Call the superior there and show up for a part time shift NOW.”

“Damn. I liked the old plan better.” Korin muttered under his breath.

“And us?” Lauren asked.

“James has to get Tori as scheduled, but he’ll get him thirty minutes after Korin starts his shift. You and I will meet Lina at the park in an hour. That said, get moving. I don’t want to waste too much time on this, we have a live in three days.”

So says the one giving out the others. James and Korin thought at the same time.


Back at the café ..

“Do you hear that?”

Rianne slapped her forehead. “It’s a cellphone you dimwit. Have you been living under a rock all this time?”

“Oh right. I haven’t used one in a while so …” (takes phone from his pocket) “HEY! Wait a sec, since when did I have a-?!”

“Just pick it up.” Rianne interrupted, exasperated. Tori’s changed … he looks so … tired.

“Hello? Huh … J-james?! … G-good, what? Oh. No,no. I … Yeah … er, okay.”

“What happened?” Rianne asked (keeping an apathetic face).

“This and that. Nothing, really.”

“You sure have changed a lot.”

(after a pause) “You’ve said that already.”

Rianne toyed with her drink with the small spoon. “You went to look for her didn’t you?”

Tori didn’t reply.

“I guess … we were both just running away all this time, weren’t we?”

“Ah! Korin, you’re finally here!” exclaimed a female waitress. Rianne stiffened at the name. Could it be? She turned around slowly.

“What made you decided to come back?” asked the waitress.

“Needed the money.”

Rianne’s calm expression faltered at the sight of the man she once (and perhaps still) loved. (AN: LOL?!CORNY?!) He too had changed. In place of the once kind expression Korin wore was a stranger’s face. It was a cold and emotionless. Rianne didn’t know what to think so she looked away.

Tori didn’t even throw Korin a look. He stared out the window trying to ignore his (once) best friend’s presence.

Korin shot a glance at the two discretely while the waitress brought him to the back.

Tori’s hair had been let loose, longer and messier than it was in the past. The only difference is that this cut wasn’t done purposely.

Rianne had a strange look on her face. It was strained and distant. She was staring at him directly with empty eyes and longing expression. Korin looked away before Rianne could realize she was staring and passed through the kitchen doors.


At the park …

Mirielle lied down under the oak tree and started up at the dots of sky passing through the leaves. Lauren sat down beside her, his back against the tree.

“It’s been a while … since we’ve both been alone.”


Lauren flushed. “T-that’s not what I meant!”

Mir smiled and got up to give Lauren a small peck on his cheek. “You’re so cute when you get shy like that.”

“Mir …” (their faces approach)


Mirielle sighed. “Can’t you see were busy?”

Lauren flushed and moved away from Mirielle. “L-lina …”


Meanwhile at the Café …

“Tori, hey! How have you been all this time? MAN! You look like CRAP! We’re going to have to give you a haircut when we get … OH MY! If it isn’t -sama.”

(The katakana’s says “Haruweru” which is romaji for “Harewell”)

“Still using that vulgar language* aren’t you, Carlson.” (AN: I’ll explain this at the end of the chapter)

Rianne shot James a glare which he returned with a teasing smirk. Tori sighed.

“You still disregard the context as always James.”

The four-eyes geek (but gorgeous) pushed his glasses up. “You did as well if I remember, little birdie.”

Both Rianne and Tori ignored him.

“Well, whether the both of you like it or not, you’ll have to follow me.”

Rianne got up in protest. “Why do I have to come? Have you any idea who I am?!”

“My since when were you this condescending, ル?”

Rianne waited.

“I have the authority. Don’t worry, you’re current ‘lover’ knows where your going.”

“Lover?” Tori repeated curious.

“How did you …?”

James smirked. “I’m not only Temperance’s drummer, y’know. But that aside, I’ll have you two follow me. But before that I have to get Korin.”

The raven-haired stiffened. “I’M NOT COMING!!!!!!”

“Sorry but …” (dramatic pause; Everyone looks up at Korin) “the customers are complaining.”

“Ko … rin …” Rianne whispered weakly. She clenched her fists and ran out the café, biting her lips and fighting back tears. What was that? What was that? That cold look … Her fists clenched over her chest. It hurts.


“This feels like a Sunrise anime derailing horribly minus the mecha.”

Tori and Korin ignored James’ useless geeky comments.


The other man didn’t reply. He looked down upon his once best friend.

“And this feels like Suzaku vs. Lelouch … ‘cept Tori isn’t anything like Lelouch. I wonder if that makes Rianne Kallen or something …”

The two still ignored James and continued to eye each other fiercely. Both James’ cell phone rang.


“Korin’s apartement now.”

“Problem. Our Kallen escaped.”

“Don’t worry. I knew this would happen. Just get here.”

(hangs up) “Alright you two. Enough with the out-angsting competition we’re leaving.”

“I’m not coming either.” Tori slammed the table and prepared to leave but James grabbed him the the collar.

“You’re coming whether you like it or not.”

“Damnit. Why are you being so forceful?!”

James smirked. “One, you’ve become weaker and two, Mir would murder me.”

Tori stopped struggling against his once bandmate’s grip and turned to Korin who was still throwing him that expressionless look.


“Rianne? … are you … crying? Rianne?”

“I’m O.K, Evans. Just pick me up. I’m tired.”

“… I’ll hear your explanation later.”


Rianne looked back at the road she came from and held her hands closer to her chest, as if protecting her heart. Korin … he had Deandra’s face … that cold stare …


Author’s End Chapter notes:

At a ‘certain someone’s request’ I tried making the chapter a little longer. So, is it any longer? Har, har. I frankly don’t know.

Not much from Lina, Mir and Lauren but a lot of the others. Bah, I managed to give Mir and Lauren their little moment … har, who knows what would’ve happened if Lina didn’t come. (Mir and Lauren have progressed to that stage, yes) ((I laugh if you don’t know what I mean))

Surprisingly, James got a lot of screentime.

If you’re wondering about Rianne and James’ relationship, you could say it’s kinda like Murata and Shori from KKM (WHOA?! MORE KKM?!) … but I highly doubt anyone reading this knows KKM so I’ll explain.

It’s basically the ‘we’re not really friends, not really rivals’ type thing. The two just love have spat fights.

Another thing is Rianne’s comment about James using vulgar language. I think I mentioned in the prelude that the world Weiss is occurring in floats above our world. The inhabitants of the world in Weiss KNOWS their floating above us and they have the right to come down to our world (but it’s considered a disgraceful action because THEY think WE’RE primitive and some crap like that)

Even knowing that, James loves our world and is a total otaku. Rianne, being quite the noble, is very prejudiced against our world so James uses our language (not really our, more just Japanese) to tease her.

Really, I didn’t want James to mention anime or anything anywhere but after Rianne ran off and Tori and Korin began mind-fighting each other I couldn’t help but compare the situation to what happened on Kaminejima (Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion) …

i.e. Kallen running off while Suzaku pwns Lulu.

In Weiss’ case, James puts Tori down but same thing. (Kallen=Rianne, Suzaku=Korin, Tori=Lulu) Not in personality or and in looks … but just for this situation.

Okay my notes are getting long … look forward to the next chapter because there’s .. euh, more corny drama?

-Big Reunion at Korin’s

– Evans vs. Korin

– Tori slowly realizing (but not quite yet) what Scythe had meant for him to realize

(I’ve already to decided to end Weiss at around 17 to 20 chapters of about this lenght. I’m not sure of its content but expect time skips)

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Junjo Romantica’s OP single is out! It contains two songs by Pigstar. Namely the OP “Kimi=Hana” and another song called “Gore” … each song’s intrumental’s included too. You can download the single in Tokyo Toshokan in .flac format. (I wanted to post my review of Double Call 1-3 first but I’m lazy so that’ll come tomorrow)

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Even if there’s a current lack of subbed new KKM, I decided to start watching it anyway.

I remember, in my old blog, writing “If season doesn’t give me more Wolfy I’mma shoot someone” Man do I love it when my wishes come true. I mean really, not even three minutes in the show (30 seconds if you disregard the OP, which is kinda nice) Wolfram is decided to be Maoh after Yuuri. WHOA?!

But really … I wonder what is it about KKM that’s struck me so much. I keep on comparing ever other BL or Slashable anime I’m watching to it. Maybe because in all its episodes KKM’s covered every possible BL stereotype I can think of.

Okay. One thing I’m pissed about right now is how I don’t understand ANYTHING. In the midst of the all the fun and games, something big’s going on.

What did Wolfy leave for? Why the hell is Wolfy even decided to be next maoh already anyway? WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON!?

I demand answers. NAO!

But before that .. maybe I should watch the two last OVAs of KKM before continuing.

Another thing to be pissed about, Wolfy being kinda cold to Yuuri. T_T WHY?! WHY?! NAZE DA?!?!

I haven’t had this much question marks pop into my head since Touka Gettan. I hate not knowing anything.

OMG. Look, I already couldn’t handle Suzaku becoming an asshole so please don’t become an asshole too Wolfy. And I DO hope he meant Yuuri when he said there’s only one true maoh.

Maaaan, whenever Wolfy acts all serious … he actually makes me remember he’s over 80 years old.

(Is it normal for me to still be lingering on what Yuuri’s mom bought for Wolfy? I REALLY WANT TO KNOW …)

EDIT: Just finished watched KKM! 79, 80 and 81. Man was I happy to see much Wolfy. Plus it seems I’ll get some more since episode 82 is called “Greta to Yuuram” … YUURAM?! I MEANS SRSLY?! WOOOOW! I don’t care anymore. Their canon and I won’t have anyone say otherwise.

BTW, Yuuri’s mom gave Wolfy another pink nightgown. I wonder why KKM didn’t get into my TOP BL RELATED THINGS … anyways, it’s definitely went up a bit (maybe 12 or 11 now)

Yeah, I now I’m updating this post in the middle of nowhere but I just HAD to rant. I’ve now remembered what made me devour all 78 episodes of KKM in a week now.

The three lesbians has become a foursome?! No really. What the fuck are they doing adding another maid? WTV. Now they all squee whenever Yuuri and Wolfram’s relationship progresses a bit.

I still hate Greta. But Papa-mode Yuuri is very amusing.

Yeah. I missed you too Gunter.

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