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You know it’s really funny how you just don’t notice the things that are right in front of you. Sometimes, you think you’re alone and that no one’s there … but then you take a second look and well … you’re not alone.

How many times have I seen this type of situation in Anime and Manga? So many damn times. And every time the character would always say “I’m such an Idiot, aren’t I?” to which I would reply “Yes you are.”

I’m such a hypocrite.

I know it. I know it!

But knowing doesn’t change a thing.

Even if you know it … … you can’t prevent it after all.

For all I know, I’m just making a big deal out of nothing. No … rephrase, I probably am.

Everyone has their own troubles. Everyone has things they don’t want anyone to know, right? How am I any different? There are probably a lot of people in the world with my problem or a variant of it. So why am I so caught up in my own bubble?

Human nature? No, I’m not conceited enough to use that as Self-justification.

Either way.

Things work out.

There’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

Sometimes that light is death.

Sometimes is not.

I’m really glad its not.

Because you know … Life may be the more painful thing on earth … but that’s what makes it so beautiful, right? That’s what makes it so worthwhile.

-laughs- I have another meaning to add to my “Roses” quotes

“A wilting rose doesn’t make it any less beautiful.”

Damn, I haven’t been this enthusiastic in ages. Maybe it’s just ‘cuz my birthday is tomorrow. Maybe its ‘cuz everything’s been simply great lately. Maybe it’s ‘cuz I’m finally leaving this dream soon.

I’m still in it. And it hurts.

Hurts damn much.

But I can live through it now.

Because unlike before, I know that this dream will end and I know something is waiting at the other end.

It’s alright for me to be happy right?

I know it won’t last.

Hell, by next week, I’m might be depressed and cynic as ever … but for now … just for a while … let me enjoy the fact that I’m happy.

“Life’s just a rotation between Grief and a momentary glimpse of Happiness”

‘cuz we’re all just looking for that little piece of Happiness …

‘cus we’re all just wishing everything can be O.K

We know it won’t always be ‘all fine and dandy’ but that’s O.K …

As long as I know that I’ve got a place to return to

That’s enough …

Yep, I’m an idiot.  *laughs*

Hopefully this time … my glimpse into Happiness will last a little longer


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