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No summary this episode because I’m kind of getting tired of it.

Junjo Romantica 04 – Anzuru yori “UMU” ga yasushi

Because they slammed both chapters of Egoist together, this episode were back to Romantica and Aikawa’s (Usagi’s editor) appearance.

Aaah ~ What a beautiful to start off the episode. Really. I always go trigger happy over all of Misaki’s expressions … and he did get a lot of extremely cute faces this episode. Like …

This …

This …


But those are all the Chibi faces aside.


Otome-mode Misaki for the win. In the manga, Misaki went to get beer from the fridge but I guess they had to censor that out too and made Misaki eat sake-filled belgium chocolate instead. -tte, doesn’t that come to the same thing?! They could’ve just made Misaki drink the damn sake. Well either way it still resulted into …

Misaki falling asleep with Usagi’s shirt. While I’m on clothes, anyone else think Misaki’s outfit was so much cuter this episode? Tho’, I think I’d love to see Misaki in clothes Necoco would wear. He’d look so adorable!! Oh fuck, I went and forgot Misaki was 18 again.

Misaki in denial (again) is so fun.

Oh the drama! It’s really fucked how Aikawa reminds me of Yuki’s sister with Reiko’s personality plus a fangirl side. By the way, the after the credits scene this episode was Aikawa telling Misaki she’s a yaoi fangirl. Oh sure she doesn’t say it directly but it comes down to the same thing.

Say, why do Misaki and Usagi have more ecchi shots than Egoist? This kinda pisses me off.

The last one is my ultime fav. Misaki’s so adorable. One thing pissing me off a GREAT deal about the H-scene are the damn text shots. Though that’ll probably ‘cuz I can’t read it and have to wait the subs for it.

Plus the texts are longer too.

OH! LOOKIE! Usagi get’s some cute chibi shots this episode too!

Sorry for the short post. This wasn’t an all that interesting episode either so yeah. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy it. I enjoyed it a hell of lot. A lot of cute shots this episodes and Misaki’s “GAAH!” faces are just so funnny. Anyways, I’m glad we’re going back to Egoist next episode!

If they intend on following the manga then we should be getting three Egoist episodes in a row … unless they decided to smash the three chapters together. I really hope they don’t smash into one episode tho’ … two is fine if they don’t want to keep three. It’ll be horribly fast-paced if they put it all in one chapter. The following Egoist arc is my favorite so I want it well done.

Though when we get back to Romantica after Egoist we’ll be hearing my favorite Misaki rant. The one in Volume three, Junjo Romantica act four … or Drama CD number 2 Track 1 ❤ See I love it so much I remember where it is. It’s the one where Misaki’s fighting against himself ‘cuz he doesn’t know whether or not he and Usagi are lovers or not.

“Koibito? KOIBITO NA NO KA?!”

(OH! By the way, I finished Oofuri! -cries- Pisses me off how quickly I finished it tho’ … It was TOO SHORT. I demand a second season. NAO! MOAR MIHASHI! MOAR EYE-FUCK! I want MOAR! -cries- Maybe I’ll console myself with the manga …)

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