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The RAW for episode five came a little later than usual and I haven’t been able to watch it until the saturday that passed. I’ve been meaning to write my post but with the Mother’s Day party and other things I didn’t find the time. That said I decided to smack episode five and six in one post this week which shouldn’t be much of a problem since their both Egoist episodes following each other.

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When I think Suzaku can’t get any worst he does. It’s as if he enjoys mentally killing Lulu. Then again, its Lulu’s fault for being such a damned siscon. But still. The worst Suzaku can do now is impregnate Nunnally. Since Nunnally said she’d be picking off where Euphie left off this makes even more sense. Man Suzaku, you have sunk LOW. I’m not even sure he’s going to get up in the scoreboard at this rate. Maybe I should just give the prize to Rolo already.


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