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Yesterday I went to La Ronde … which is, if you don’t live in Québec, the amusement park in Montreal. We somehow managed bringing two other people to buy a pass (we were four at first) to pay it cheaper (66.5$ plus taxes instead of 81.25$ plus taxes!) … still, my savings have been almost completely obliterated because of that. It’s hard not having a job …. and parents without nice paying jobs (my dad doesn’t even have one ==;) My friends and I were thinking of finding a job this summer. I really need to save up for Otakuthon and Junjo’s limited DVD release. Well anyways, because of La Ronde my feet hurt like hell. I am NOT going to blame it on my new (and pretty) new shoes though. Their nice black skater-shoes, btw.

The depressing thought is that I’m not on vacation yet. Man. 19 days of school left to suffer.

So onto more pressing matters than real life!

I just finished watching a Monokuro cast talk on CR (w/ Suwabe, Kamiyan and OnoD) … and it seems the single of “Awake ~my everything~” is being released the 28th of this month! HOURRAY! I’m honestly tired of listening to the short TV version. Kamiyan and OnoD are such a great duo -Kotohana no Hana flashbacks- I love how similiar and in sync their voices are. It took about five listens before finding the difference between the two >< Kamiyan has a much … “softer”? voice than Ono. So it was pretty easy to differenciate after that. Gods do I love Kamiyan’s voice ❤ I wish he had more songs. I only know of Zesshou and Awake. -sob- It’d be nice if someone could give me a holler if they know any other Kamiyan songs. (And speaking of seiyuu songs, I sure would love another Shimono Hiro song …. his little solo in Hidamari no Gate is NOT enough for me)

That said, I haven’t listened to a BLCD in a while. I promised myself to listen to Shounen Yonkei and Double Call 04 (which somehow ended up being delayed over a month) soon but with Dark Crimson and everything I’ve been going to bed later than usual and forgetting about BLCDs. I kind of don’t want to push myself to write DC in this stressed/panicked way … but I’m really enjoying myself writing so I guess its okay. About 66 or 65 days left. Even if exams come up and bother me, I should be able to finish anyway. Banzai?

Rant over. Back to waiting for Eclipse to sub Code Geass and to write a bit of DC.

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