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After reading a certain post in FuyuMaiden’s blog Simplicity, I suddenly got the urge to rant talk about someone I adored. In this case, it isn’t an anime character (but maybe I’ll do that one day) but a seiyuu; Kamiya Hiroshi whose most recent role in anime is Kengo from Monokuro ❤ EDIT: AND Mikhail from Macross -shoots self for not remembering-

I was originally going to rant talk about Sakupyon … since he’s my favorite and all … but since I just finished listening to Subete wa Kono Yoru ni (in which Kamiyan is uke) so I decided it would be more appropriate to talk about him. Also, the single for Monochrome Factor’s ED “Awake ~boku no subete~” was just released today so all the more reason to spread Kamiyan love! Awake is a duet with Ono Daisuke and Kamiyan, by the way.

Okay, so where do I start? Well, I knew Kamiyan his voice at least since hearing it in Zetsubo Sensei but my seiyuu fangirl-mode did not exist at the time and I kinda had the impression all male seiyuus sounded the same. Oh the shame!

I discovered his awesomeness around the time when Gundam 00 started airing (last fall was it?) with his role as Tieria. But it wasn’t Tieria that made me recognize Kamiya. Hell, I didn’t even know Tieria was voiced by Kamiya yet. I only cared for Gundam 00 because of Mamo. Anyways, it was around when episode eight or nine of 00 came out that I listened to Shinayaka na Netsujo … which is prolly the BLCD that made everyone fawn over Kamiya’s aegi koe. I heard about its awesome H-scene for a long time beforehand but when I heard it for myself … really, wow. I was speechless, red and giggling. Even now, just thinking about it makes me break into fangirl laughter. If you have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about, I’m sorry.

After that, I scouted out more Drama CDs with Kamiya and started paying more attention to when he’d show up in anime. Imagine my shock when I learned Kamiya was voicing Tieria and MikiShin Lockon (which, BTW, is the pairing in Shinayaka na Netsujou) …

The most recently place I heard Kamiya, as I said, was in Subete wa Kono Yoru ni. I’m not writing this post to review that Drama but it was an AWESOME listen. As expected from something written by Aida Saki

(DEADLOCK). It makes me laugh how many of the characters I hear Kamiya do in BLCDs are pretty … pathetic, for lack of a better word -is thinking of Kotohana no Hana- … even so, Kamiyan acts them so well I find myself saying “POOR HIM!” about ten times a track. I don’t know how to put this into words but there’s something about Kamiya’s voice that makes me sympathize with every character he does. That said, after a long intro, let me try putting into words why I love Kamiya’s voice so much!

First of all, his singing voice. Yeah, I’m listening to AWAKE right now and can’t help myself. There’s just something really ‘elegant’ about his voice. At first, I think it comes off as a bit nasally … especially when he screams or talks loud … but past that, I can’t help but place the word beautiful when thinking of Kamiya (the image of a tall, handsome guy who wears glasses always come to mind). And though the real Kamiya doesn’t have glasses, I still do think he’s pretty beautiful in RL.

Most characters he does (in BLCDs at least) are pretty much always the “bijin” types (like Tieria). Like I said, because of Kamiya’s voice, I can’t help but really sympathize with the character and what their going through. Whenever he does those depressing monologues, they sound so real I could cry. And when he cries … man am I touched. It’s not as good as NojiKen’s cries in Nejireta Edge (I highly doubt ANY crying could beat that) but it’s very believeable … well some more than other roles. If its the most real crying he’s done we’re talking about then the one in Shounen Yonkei is the best one I’ve heard so far.

Bijins aside, Kamiya also does the “genki” type. Kengo anyone? Sometimes his “AKIRAAAAAA”s can be annoying because of that nasal tone he has when he shouts but that said, I really love hearing Kamiya’s voice in such a “idiot” role since its something I don’t hear very often. I don’t count Itoshiki-sensei in this category … Sensei has his own category. It’s probably because of Kamiya, but Itoshiki’s a damned awesome character. While I’m at it, let me take this opportunity to praise “Zesshou” … Sensei’s chara song sang by Kamiya. It’s absolutely beautiful and if you haven’t heard it yet … then what are you doing? Go listen to it NAO!

Last category is the “bijin hetare” type. Well, its not really a category since I only heard Kamiya do one role in that category but I really wanted to talk about it so yeah. I’m talking about Kamiya’s role in “Hero Academy J” which is a total crack Drama CD. I’m pretty sure I haven’t made a post about that drama but it’s absolute nonsense. It’s the type of thing you listen to because you want to laugh and just laugh. -breaks into fangirl laughs thinking about Yusa’s maso-ness- Anyways, in this drama Kamiya does a cute, angel-looking character who’s socially awkward and hides in the closet a lot. Kamiya’s voice reminded me of Ishida doing a chibi-Gaara and damn was it cute. I found myself giggling and smiling every time Kamiya went “Boku o Minaide!” … honestly, how can you not?

And since I mentioned it higher up, if your watching MonoKuro and enjoying it get the ED single NAO, if just for the Kengo and Akira mini-drama. Akira is such a tsundere. Man do I love OnoDxKamiyan pairings … I’ll get to that later. The full version of Awake is awesome. I absolutely love how their two voices blend together. Some of the higher notes were a total miss but I’ll pretend I didn’t hear them.

So about, Ono and Kamiya.

Kotonoha no Hana is my favorite BLCD of all time but I already reviewed it so I won’t be talking about its beauty here. Anyways, because of KnH I’ve developed an immediate liking to Ono and Kamiya. I absolutely love the chemistry between these two. For something recent, think MonoKuro. Plus it’s fun how the chemistry still works when Kamiya’s seme.

From what I’ve written, its obvious I like uke-Kamiya more but I forced myself to listen to a drama in which he tops for the sake of … well, for the sake of it. Said drama is Reload … where Kamiya tops Ono for once. I’m not fond of dramas where Kamiya uses a really really serious tone (like in Koi ni Inochi wo Kakeru no sa) but I made an exception for Reload where his voice was downright sexy.

I think I’ve go on long enough. The word count seems to have pass a thousand and the fact itself is scaring me. I’d better end this before I reach another hundred … Plus I think I ranted more than anything. Sorry to those who got this far.

Kamiya is awesome.

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