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After a long day at school (and two detentions DX) , I am glad to be back home at my desk doing absolutely nothing. Well, at least here is better than in detentions where the only thing I can do is stare at the bland white walls. Plus, I couldn’t think of scenes to put in Dark Crimson because iPods are obviously not allowed and white walls aren’t very inspiring. I managed to make the minutes pass faster by replaying lines from Kyuuso was Cheese no Yume wo Miru which was the Drama I somehow managed to finish before getting to the detention room. Then somehow I ran out of lines to remember and just had Yusa’s “Want me to string you along?” replaying over and over for about five minutes before I realized I wasn’t thinking about anything anymore. Ahem, I think I’m boring everyone with my useless talk so onto the main point.

So I got home, checked a few blogs, checked some releases, wandered DA and barely half an hour later I found myself bored. I was staring at L over my monitor and finally decided: LET’S TAKE PICTURES OF MY ROOM AND POST THEM!! LOLOLOLOLOLO, like a n00b. I tend to go nuts in my mind when I’m really bored.


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