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Osaka arc! I haven’t even watched this episode yet and I’m already looking forward to the next one. Whether or not that’s at good thing, I haven’t a clue. Well, that said I’m writing this post as I watch so I’m probably not going to have anything coherent again. Hai! Ikimasuu ~

(Well while the OP is playing, just wanted to say I was watching BLEACH Sonic Soul ’05 beforehand. FukuJun and Yasumoto-san are really really hot. Yusa has a lot of fangirls. Non-Tan is absolutely adorable and Miyata-san is fun. God knows how much I wanna go to a seiyuu live e-! OP’s over)

Romantica angst?! … ugh. This is the romantica arc I probably least enjoyed. The angst doesn’t really suit them. Plus, Usagi looks freaky in that shot. (Though, I’ll admit Misaki’s being a bitch … when is Usagi-nii coming? T_T)

LOLOLOLOLOL! Isn’t that Hiroki’s hat? And why does Misaki look like he’s 10 years younger? Oh god.

Much better ❤

Someone get the boobs out of my BL, please.

It’s funny how Misaki’s quick to defend Usagi without shame and it still can’t say simple words like “Suki desu!” until like volume eight or nine or whatever.

I bet Usagi wishes Suzuki could talk … yep, any minute now he’s going to go loopy and start talking to him. “I NEED MY MISAKI DOSE!!! T_T -sobsob- T_T” or something.

Aaaaany minute now …

… any minute now …

SEEE!!!! -runs around room triumphant-

-coughs- Moving on …

Usagi: I tried making an omelette but the egg exploded …
Misaki: … EH!?

(no idea what Usagi said but it involved an exploding egg … I have to wait for subs to make sure XD)

LE GASP!!! It’s the black screen! YOU KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS?! The smex is a coming …

Aha! Naichatta! ❤

“I’m going to come and fuck you so wait there.”

“OH NO! I’m screwed!”

It’s probably because of the “angst” but … we didn’t get much chibi this episode. Which is sad since it became a sort of trademark … Suzuki-san aside. Well, I’m glad we’ll be back to slapstick Romantica after this.

What is Misaki without those big eyes of his? Uwaaa ❤

How Usagi got the damn that train is a mystery. -reminds herself this is BL-

I don’t really like this arc but the train smex is one of my favorite ones … haha, if just for Misaki’s “Iyada! Hazukashii ><”

I think Japan’s trains are absolutely awesome. I wish that kind of service existed here too.

(My mom just went in my room. Man am I glad the H-scene already passed or I would’ve been screwed.)

HAHA! Yorokonderu! ❤

(Misaki can think embarrassing thoughts like “I’m not being cautious. I just want Usagi-san to be happy” and he STILL can’t say “suki desu!” … I don’t know why, but this is really frustrating me right now)

Yep. This is the Romantica I know. (Thank God the angst is over. Drama is Egoist’s job)

And thus is the end of a more or less interesting episode of Junjo. Squee level? Less than zero point five. I didn’t really have fun in this arc in the Drama CDs or Manga either and the anime version was more or less the same. Well, I’m happy that they fixed the lack of BGM. The after the episode scene was Usagi’s marimo … thing.



Delivering Misaki and Usagi in a package of loli cuteness! MOE LEVEL UPPPP!!!

(God knows how much I want next week to come now. With no Geass this week, I’m going to be bored this weekend ==; )

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