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Bringing the LOLI-CUTENESS is Junjo Romantica episode nine! JUNJO MINIMUM! It’s barely half a second the episode started and I’m already giggling. Aren’t chibi-Hiro and Chibi-Usagi just the cuteness thing? MAH GOD! I wanna stuff them in a bag and bring ’em home and … -censors off the evil thoughts- (more…)

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So that’s what the DVD-only episode is going to be! I can rejoice now because its set in an alternate universe where Tomoya’s dating Tomoyo. (I’m not saying I hate Nagisa. I’m just saying I prefer Tomoyo as Tomoya’s boyfriend) … the DVD is out July 16th ~

Got the info from moetron.

-runs off to watch Junjo-

(Is it me, or is the guy talking in the end JunJun? OMG)


Spoilers of the episode can be found here. I was right about JunJun. It makes me laugh how he plays a no-name character though. Almighty LOL-NESS

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