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I don’t like where this is going. The last time a guy kissed a girl and said “We’ll continue this later” he died. Neeba had better not a pull a Kamina or someone’s going to get shot.

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I’m in an extreme ranting mood right now and I don’t wanna take it out on Kira and Flyte so bear with me wordpress. It was fucking hot today. Yesterday, too. The air is so thick I can’t even breathe properly. Thank God its evening now though. I love the night air.

No srsly. It was like … cold for the past week and suddenly this HEAT comes out of NOWHERE. YES, A HIGHER POWER HAS DESCENDED! And has decided to provide us with Summer on a silver platter. Yes, yes, yes … and no. What percentage of your wardrobe is black? Yucchi’s response: 85%, my response: 98%. On the bright side, it’s not a 100%, right? Anyway yeah, I’m going to fucking die if I don’t buy lighter clothes soon.

It was so hot today I couldn’t even bring myself to leave my room. At least it’s cool in my room. The living room’s as humid as hell. Oxygen?! WHAT OXYGEN?! I can’t even breath there. Well, there’s the joys of the basement a computer isn’t available down there.

So, what did do the whole day? Nothing much.

My mom forced me to clean my room … which I did (if you consider shoving all my crap under the bed cleaning, that is) … then I wrote a bit of Dark Crimson. I didn’t get too far with that. It was hard to even think of what I could write without things going indecent. What else do you expect in this heat? I had Flyte say “It’s so hot” without even meaning it. And God does it sound indecent when I think about it. More if I imagine Sakurai say it. I manage to get out okay when its Shimono. Yeah, speaking of Sakupyon ~ I’m glad I took up Druaga again. It’s good to see Sakupyon in a “cool” role for once (since his other roles this season is a certain uke and another certain asshole). Neeba is win. I just need some NeebaxJil fix, but I don’t seem to get any. Plus its hard with Fatina’s obvious infatuation.

-glomps Alto-

While I’m on anime, I’m eagerly awaiting AiA-iZ’s sub of Macross Frontier 10. I want my Alto trap now. I’m seriously fighting the urge to just download gg’s or chihiro’s sub. The wait is even harder when you’ve been listening to the OST for days straight since its release. Tori no Hito’s version of Aimo is absolutely beautiful. Infinity and What ’bout my Star are addictive listens too. I’m talking about Ranka’s version of What ’bout my star, obviously. Nakajima’s english pronunciation isn’t bad really. Big Boys had me go “JACK SPARROW?!” It sounds just like POTC … -runs off to watch the movie again-

-glomps Jack- Yep, I still love him.

Kamiya’s Ibara no Michi is absolutely beautiful. The intro reminded me slightly of something straight out from KH … but yeah. His voice is mesmerizing. I’m about to collapse. And yes I randomly changed the subject because it suddenly started playing iTunes. I NEED translated lyrics of this song, pronto. I only get gists of it and it’s not really helping. Then in the interlude Kamiya mentions BOXING of all things? I need explanations. Please tell me I misunderstood the word.

Okay, my hands are sweating like shit and it’s finally cool enough to get back to writing so I’ll end this post now. Sorry for the lack of sense this post had. -runs off to download Toricon- I’m getting my Yusa and Mamo fix `~ hurray ❤

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