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Woups! Missed the scanlation release yesterday. But I read it and … YAY MORE ARINACHI! Giniro’s so damn awesome~! He kinda reminds me of Chiaki from KKJ … ‘cept I think I like Giniro more. (more…)

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Today was a … unexpectedly … good day. It was bright and sunny outside, I had fun at school for once [since exams are over classes are just a formality now] and I come home to great news of Scarlet having a two-disk freetalk! One CD for Hatano and Suzuki Chihiro and the other for SugiTomo and Yuutan! I love you Atis collection! SO DAMN MUCH! Every Atis CD I listen to has me going “BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL PRICELESS!” Shinayaka na Netsujo, Kotonoha no Hana, Honey, Love Neco … Ironic? They are all my favs! Yeah, don’t get me started on KnH again because I can’t rant for ages about how beautiful that CD was.

Back to scarlet. After learning from a certain post in this blog that SugiTomo and Yuutan were pretty close friends, I’ve been squeeing over the two. It’s unfortunate that I have to wait until August to get my SugiTomoxYuutan though. I comforted myself with seeing Yuutan in the Oofuri Event DVD.

Well, since I started on BLCDs I might as well continue [not that this post had a point from the beginning]. So I recently decided to give Big gun o Motsu Otoko a re-listen. Since you probably don’t know about it, I’ll explain.

Left to right, top to bottom: Tomo, Jin, Masaki, Yosh, Rei (more…)

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