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Yeah well, a few friends slept over at my place for the week which extended my hiatus. I’ve got one hell of a lot of torrents on ĀµTorrent right now. My poor bandwidth.

When vacation first started, I’ve been in my room doing nothing but watch anime and blog then all of sudden I get kicked out of my hikikomori-ish life for the sun for these past two weeks. I’m tired like you can’t imagine right now and I’m sort of glad I can get back to relaxing at my desk watching anime. Sadly, I’ve caught a tan. Some people would be jealous of the fact I tan so easily but I hate it. I wish I were paler, honestly.

Anyway, after two weeks of Chinatown, bubble tea, minor shopping, La Ronde and fireworks I’m beat. After my trip to the mall, I’ll come back with some posts (namely Junjo and some more summer previews)

(The good thing about being out for so long is having a long to do list. I won’t get bored this way. HERE COMES THE MARATHON! I’M READY BRING IT ON!)

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