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I think I made it obvious enough but Antique Bakery is the series this season I was looking forward to the most. After watching to episodes, I have to say I like it. In the first three minutes of the first of episode I was going “WTF? Where’s my comedy?!” but luckily the drama angst didn’t stay for long. (Picture Post because my brain isn’t functioning properly enough to write an actual post) (more…)

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The anime store in Chinatown updated itself. Too bad I only had money for new posters … I was going to get another Ouran but I decided to get TTGL since I couldn’t afford the soundtrack. I’m just praying it’ll still be there when I come back with the money. God knows how much I want that soundtrack. But I probably won’t be getting it soon since I’m saving for Otakuthon … which is the only con my sad 15-year old self can attend.

Back to gawking at my Geass poster.

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Episode 12 brings to you “100% Usagi-san’s fault”


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