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Yes, Shirogane. We all know.

Run! Hide! Check you insurance and if you don’t have make one quick! Write a will just for safety purposes! The apocalypse might be approaching!

Okay, maybe not. I’m just making a fuss. So anyways, I was watching Monokuro and the realization hit me. Both figuratively and literally (I should stop keeping manga in strange places, my room’s raining them). So anyways, I just went “Is it me? Or are men in anime starting to lose interest in women?” Well, at the very least, all male characters (with the exception of Toudou maybe) in Geass have already lost interest in the opposite sex. Just look at Lulu! He just lost Shirley and they let Orange-kun in. What’s his harem now? 3 women, 5 men? Or are there more I’m just forgetting? Not to mention Shirley’s death is going to be cause of the Black Knight’s downfall with Lulu going all mental and losing what little sanity he had left. Although, Suzaku isn’t any better. Kallen’s looking good in that dress at least but let’s pray she doesn’t mental too after taking the drug. It’s GSD all over again. Come on Sunrise! You can do better than that right – Oh crap, right this wasn’t a Geass post.

I mean just look at Monokuro. There are girls in them but their basically decorations. Nabari? Not a single male character in there looks like they have potential interest in females. Kumohira-sensei doesn’t count because has a wife and is only interested in her … and other than her there’s Miharu. Oh wait! There’s hope. We’ve still got Macross! Alto’s straight right? As long as Sunrise stays away from them, we’ll get a normal ending with either Sheryl or Ranka. God knows how much I don’t want to see a AltoxLuca or MikhailxAlto ending … out of doujins at least. And oh look! More hope. Toki in Amatsuki potentially likes Kuchiha right?

Alright … maybe this isn’t so hopeless after all. Back to Balett Star.

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Balett Star Vol.1 and Vol.2


Okiayu Ryoutarou as Eiji Miyata
Kondou Takayuki as Aoi Takahara
Kishio Daisuke as Takumi Sakazaki
Sakurai Takahiro as Keisuke Horinouchi
Sugita Tomokazu as Jirou Azuma
Midorikawa Hikaru as Tonomura and Sachou

No I did not misspell the title. It’s perfectly written on the CD “Balett Star” and not “Ballet Star”. I’ve got no idea why it’s not Ballet but it doesn’t really matter either. (more…)

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Looks like I’m not the only one feeling like total crap. I’m not sick though. I’m just dead. Maybe my slow brain is still trying to recover from all the activity these past two weeks but I’m feeling like total crap right now. I hate being so damn unproductive. It’s obvious from the recent posts that I’m not even capable of writing anything sensible. Ugh. Hopefully I’ll feel less crappy when the next Antique Bakery episode comes out because I want to write something that makes sense. Plus just seeing this has me all giddy for the fall season.

I’ve realized recently just how much I dislike summer. My friends call me nuts, but I’m being honest. I’m prefer the rain in Spring, the snow in Winter and the pretty leaves in Fall than the frikken heat of Summer. Oh sure, it’s fun at first but then you get home and you’re like “I’m tired like shit and I caught a EVEN DARKER tan.” Go. To. Hell. I hate you global warming. I hate you summer. I hate this city. I just wanna crawl into a corner and die.

Which is precisely the reason why I decided to accept my mom’s suggestion for once and go to Kingston and stay with an aunt while my parents visit a sick person in Toronto. Aside the fact that I’ll be missing Otakuthon, I’m looking forward to the change of scenery. It’s dangerous to me when I start thinking “Goddamn is Montreal a boring place” because I love it here … well, I live in Laval but that’s about the same thing (and yet not because I really hate Laval).

My life would be so much more happier at the moment if we never moved to fucking crap Laval. Hell, the reason I’ve become a somewhat hikikomori is because we moved here. I never used to be this bitter and anime-obsessed. Ha! And my parents wonder how the fuck I ended up this way. Not my fault I can go out as frequently anymore. I’ve got to entertain myself with something right?

Anyways, I’ve started ranting …

I’m going to watch “Journey to the Center of the Earth” later today. Hopefully that’ll do for a change of mood.

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