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Nabari no Ou is an anime I started watching for the sake of satisfying my guilty pleasure. I never thought it’d get this good and its doing nothing but getting better. (more…)

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Balett Star 2nd


Fukuyama Jun as Tsubasa Takahara
Hoshi Souichirou as Katsuya Ichinose
Saiga Mitsuki as Kensaku Endoh
Toriumi Kousuke as Ryoutarou Kanda
Koyasu Takehito as Miyuki Tachibana
Sakurai Takahiro as Horinouchi Keisuke


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God help my heart. Oh God please help my heart. I’m going to collapse from my heart thumping so damn fast. This is the first time since the first time I watched Gravitation that I felt so embarrassed watching an anime. I’ll get to that later though. (more…)

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Mistress Fortune Chapter Two brings “Gin-chan being Gin-chan” “Kisaki’s e-cups” and a dash of drama

I woke up this morning in an abnormally good mood so I thought “something good must be happening today” and when I go on I see the scanlations for Mistress Fortune chapter two! -squeeeeeeee- I started laughing and giggling by the end of the second page. Oof, God help my heart. Arina-sensei’s manga is going to kill me one day! (more…)

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