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Kono Ai ni Hizamazuke

Pairing: Nakai Kazuya x Yusa Kouji (more…)

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When I woke up, it was two o’ clock … and too me 2PM is practically the end of the day (considering how this year school finished at 2:20). Whenever I wake up that late, I always feel like crap … but seeing the tidiness of my room sort of cheered me up for some reason. Then somehow that had me think “Why don’t I download CLANNAD?” … I’ve been procrastinating about downloading the game for months now and I guess Summer boredom finally got to me. I do have a few anime to catch up to (namely an Antique Bakery episode) but after the infamous rain scene, I sort of lost hope in Antique … we’ll see tomorrow when I actually watch episode four. (more…)

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