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Pairings: Sugita Tomokazu x Nakamura Yuuichi, Hatano Wataru x Suzuki Chihiro (more…)

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The Illegitimate Child (more…)

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… but even if you don’t read it, you can steal the Oofuri fanart (more…)

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40k Hits post!

Because I never did a milestone post I decided I’d do it randomly for 40k hits! And because it’s Mihashi week, I present free battery love! I’m still in full Oofuri fever and I don’t expect it fade away anytime soon. It’s been almost four months since I first finished the anime and I still go all fangirl/giggle mode about it. Anyways, yeah, Death by Moe has reached 40k hits after almost seven months of existence! Banzai!

(This is a timed post. I’m probably getting ready for school the moment this is posted. Farewell hikikomori life! I shall miss you.)

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Original Work: Aida Saki

Pairing: Yasumoto Hiroki x Nakamura Yuuichi


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Another Oofuri image

When I’m alone, bored and not sleepy, I tend to ask myself to stupidest of questions and make a big deal about it. This is the same thing really. It’s something I do instead of counting sheep (or listening to others count sheep for me). The answer to the question is obvious; No, I don’t regret being an Anime Fan or a Fujoshi for that matter. (more…)

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Oofuri Fever

My head’s spinning. So much has happened in the space of seven days. I’m dizzy. Most of it is RL-related though so I won’t talk about it. My anxiety is pilling up and I feel as if I can burst any second now. It’s been as hot as hell lately. I miss the rain. Luckily it rained last night. My crappy fan managed to be spared from another full night of staying on. I haven’t been able to do most of usual things I do on the internet so I’m virtually clueless about what’s been going on in the past few days. I managed to find the time to watch anime though, at the very least. (more…)

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Chicken face!

Placed in 7th place is Nishiura’s ace pitcher Mihashi Ren! Otherwise known and Chicken face or Renren from my favorite anime of all-time (yes, really) Ookiku Furikabutte. For short, Oofuri. (more…)

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