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I still haven’t bought a new computer. I’ve been forced to live off my Dad’s since mines crashed and I can’t really do much on it aside watch anime and keep up to date with whatever’s going on. (more…)


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Bye bye Set-chan

The stupidest and worst possible thing happened to me yesterday. My computer has been rendered useless. I say useless and not completely useless because, as you can see, I’m still using the damned thing to type this post. If you care the least bit, this is where the WTFs come up … so I’ll start from the beginning if you’re bored enough to enjoy my stupidity and pain. I’m sounding extremely bitter aren’t I? Moving on … (more…)

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I wasn’t going to post this but I’d feel a sense of defeat if I skipped another guy in the rankings. I’m busy as hell with homework and ropleplaying as well as a huge list of anime to catch up too. I’m swamped and I don’t want to do. But, I’ll take the time and write this post about Miharu anyway because he deserves it. I love Miharu too much too skip him even though I haven’t found the time to watch the latest Nabari no Ou episodes. (more…)

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Fall 2008 Schedule

The air dates of all the fall shows (the ones in the lineup I posted, at least) has been announced already. I said in my fall lineup post that my blogging would depend on air dates (not counting life itself). Basically, I’ve got Hakushaku to Yousei, Skip Beat! and Gundam 00 on Sunday. Chaos Head on Tuesday. CLANNAD and Kuroshitsuji on Thursday and Junjo Romantica on Saturday. Yes, I’m wondering why Junjo isn’t airing on Thursday like last time.


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Being Sick Sucks.

I’m sick. (I mean, really)

And my mom just came in to check my temperature and turns out that not only am I sick, but I have a fucking fever too. I took some tylenol so hopefully I can go to school tomorrow. Geez, right when I start enjoying school, I get sick. How screwed up is that? Basically, I’m late with everything. I’ve work piling up from school. I just joined an RP (called iAnti if you want to know) and … well, other crap. I haven’t watched anime in days. Not even the latest Geass episode where from the screenshots seems like Nunnally wasn’t dead after all. Well hey, no one’s surprised. I didn’t even bother looking for an explanation to her being alive. I gave up on explanations.

Basically! I’m taking a break until Fall. I’ll catch up to Antique Bakery when I come back but for now, I want to diminish the amount of things I have on my to-do list. I’m leaving the RP as my only entertainment until I get used to having a life. I’m betting the reason I got sick is because I’ve been abusing myself a little too much by not sleeping enough … and sleeping sheet-less with the air-con on. Cold showers were a bad idea too.

Okay. So I’m going to give myself a break and live a little. Yeah, I miss summer already.

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When you think GAR you think Kamina, so obviously, my fifth ranked character is Kamina from the epic that is Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (TTGL) voiced by versatile Konishi Katsuyuki (who’s going to voice Skip Beat’s Ren) (more…)

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Yes, I’m depressed too Wolfy. (more…)

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