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Looks like Kagami took the win over her sister! Nothing I didn’t expect of course.

I had an odd sentiment that Nagisa would lose to tsundere twin tails. Now if Tsukasa wins (which I bet she will) we’ll have an epic showdown between sisters. Twins no less! And honestly, at the point, I have absolutely no idea who’s going to win.

Sorry Nagisa. I love Kagami more, I just didn’t think she’d get so far so I routed for you. Go Kagami!

(P.S: Sorry I didn’t post Skip Beat! yet. It’ll show up next Tuesday along with episode five)

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I’m tired of Romantica. So much so that I can’t bring myself to write a proper post about this episode. This week’s episode is finally the end of Haruhiko’s arc. If they plan on animating Misaki’s chance meeting with Usagi-chichi, we’ll be seeing him again soon. Anyways, this was a normal episode. Nothing stood out to me much. Okay sure, Sumi harrassing Misaki was something I missed and the “MEIDO! ALEXANDER! TAMA! SEBASTIAN!” scene made me laugh. It’s one of my favorite scenes. There was a lot of cute Misaki shots as usual but nothing really out of the ordinary. (more…)

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Warning: I’m in the middle of a writer’s block. I’m not feeling witty or sarcastic. Meaning, I’ve only got fangirling left. (more…)

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I almost cried. This was the most beautifully excecuted arc in CLANNAD ever and I’m not just saying this because of the Tomoya and Sunohara eye candy. It had the most hilarious jokes and gags ever but it was also the most dramatic arc. The whole story with Mei and Youhei being one misunderstanding after an another was just so sad and ironic. I absolutely loved how it just bounced back and forth. Though, more than the sibling relationship, I think this arc really showed how strong the friendship between Sunohara and Tomoya is. From the fight scene to the end of the episode I was completely moved. I was gasping, squealing and all around dying inside. Okay, so that was part fangirling but I still couldn’t help but think ‘Damn, this was a beautiful arc’ (more…)

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Yes, I dared

I haven’t been productive at all lately. The quality of my posts sucks and I feel as crappy as ever. I really really want to write. So I’m probably going to head over and do that after this post. I just felt the need to say I haven’t been in top shape lately. My posts are short and I don’t know what to say. I haven’t watched any anime aside the ones I’m blogging for weeks. I can’t bring myself to write replies to my roleplays. So far, only Phoenix Wright is managing to retain my attention. I’m having a burnout here so I’m probably going to stay away from the internet world for a few days. Hopefully by Saturday I’ll be in good shape again.

Of course, my crappy state could be blamed on the weather that’s just getting colder and colder. (more…)

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Skip Beat! 03

Why do I feel like Skip Beat’s moving a little too slowly? Or is it because I’m just looking forward to things that won’t be happening for a while? Corn being mentionned in this episode is probably what did me in. That definitely makes up for Ren not showing up (out of Kyoko’s mind) … though, I’d prefer he get actual screetime. (more…)

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We’re a big happy family ~ (8) Oh gods …

Yay, Allelujah’s back. And Marina’s … OMG in a situation other than watching TV?! You’re shitting me, right? Guess it won’t be long before she follows Shirley’s route and dies or something right? Or are they gonna leave on Ptolemy to do nothing like before? But since I don’t want to care about her let’s move back to Allelujah … (more…)

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(couldn’t find a bigger image for the drama CD cover so here’s the manga’s cover instead)

Karamete de Kudoite

Pairing: Miyate Kenta x Kishio Daisuke (more…)

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