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Change of Location


Another filler post. I didn’t have much time to eh, do anything this week again. Just a little longer. The term’s almost over. Which is good because my brain can’t take anymore studying and paying attention in class. (more…)

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Second Look: Gravitation


So I had the not-so-crazy idea to watch the anime series I watched back when I was still a budding fan. I thought it’d be fun to see how my perception of things changed even though I’ve got nothing solid to compare my current impressions with my past ones. Anyways, I decided to start with Gravitation because it was the first BL series I’ve ever watched. Me being a fangirl, I thought it had some significance. (more…)

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It’s freezing!


Alright, after writing that crappy CLANNAD and Junjo post, I’ve decided to stop reviewing episodes in the constant way. It’s too much for me. I’m going back to my old unstable blogging fashion of randomly blogging episodes of any anime I find interesting. But, for my own pride, I’ll blog Junjo Romantica until the end. There’s only a few episodes left anyway. More rant after the cut,


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Unfortunately not a Terrorist episode …

Why does it feel like I haven’t seen Hiroki and Nowaki for such a long time? I’m supposed to be tired of these two already but I enjoyed the episode anyway. It’s just the usual Egoist pattern. Hiroki misunderstanding one of Nowaki’s actions, panicking about it and in the end, Nowaki explaining everything. The usual. (more…)

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Am I back? I hope I am. I’m actually pretty reluctant to be posting this but the term is over and I don’t want to get become any later than I already am. Anyways, I’ve made myself watching anime and I missed it. I did some “walking down memory lane” and it made me wanna blog again. That’s a story for later though.  (more…)

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-digs her own grave-


I think I’m having a burnout here. I can’t bring myself to do anything anymore. Everything just pilled up and BAM! I blew up. So yeah. Basically, I’m in no condition to watch anime let alone blog. Or maybe the fact I have to blog is getting in the way of me watching anime. Who knows. I’m really just … blowing up here. I’m going to try and post at least Junjo and CLANNAD. I feel like giving up on Skip Beat! and I’m running out of things to say about Gundam 00. Well, I’m going to try and blog them all thoroughly but, at this rate, I’m going to collapse. I’m probably taking a break next season and just post whatever, whenever. Now excuse me while I try to study.

(Somehow, the only thing I can bring myself to do is listen to Saint Beast dramas. Talk about overload)

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This episode is officially my favorite episode since the Minimum episode back in the first season and is by far my favorite episode of the second season. The execution was beautiful and Misaki was just plain funny this episode. For once, I’m not complaining we got only one episode of Egoist before getting back to Romantica. The main reason is that we got some real progress on Misaki’s and Usagi’s relationship this time around. The next event to look forward to is Misaki’s attempt at a confession. (more…)

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I loved Misae’s arc. I thought I loved Sunohara’s arc but this arc just blew my away. The After Story is beating the first season by miles. I’ve felt like crying every episode since episode, what? Three? As I said before, one of my favorite things about Misae’s arc is the supernatural elements. Although, when you consider everything altogether, her story because quite obvious. Still, that doesn’t take away all the emotion in their story. It’s all so bittersweet. And I love bittersweet. (more…)

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