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Aah ~ I’m broke again.

Christmas has passed and so has half of my vacation. I’ve already spent every cent I’ve received for the holidays. I’m not sure whether I regret it or not. I don’t think I do. I’m actually quite happy. I probably won’t be later on though. But for the moment, I’ll enjoy my state of bliss.

(Much to my surprise, my dad bought me a frikken flatscreen for x-mas. I never expected that, considering how he’s the one complaining about the bills all the time. And yes, I’m enjoying my newfound space amd 22 inch goodness)


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As you most probably noticed, I haven’t been around lately. Hm, yeah. I left on a semi-hiatus with no note. Woups. But today’s Christmas Eve and here’s a pre-written post to celebrate! I’m writing this on the 23rd. I’m not so busy yet, but by the time this gets out; my relatives will be here, I’ll be out shopping and being busy. Sigh. This is mostly likely to remain the case until after New Years. I’ll be back then. So much for “A.A” and “12 moments in Anime” I’d write them up now (as in the 23rd) but I’ve got gifts to finish. I wouldn’t be written this but I’d feel bad to just, uh, leave and vanish. Anyways. Voila. With that, I’m off to enjoy the cold. If that is even possible.

MERRY CHRISTMAS! HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Hope everyone passes a nice one.

Christmas Picture SPAM TIME! (after the break) (more…)

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Late. But anyways,


There are actually two moments I really loved from this episode but I’ll go with the second one. Tomoya’s mariage proposal. (more…)

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I’m going to pretend I didn’t skip a day and continue this. Hur.



7th moment is (or sixth moment, whatever) is MAN FRIENDSHIP! More than memorable, I think this just made a permanent meme on my mind. I think of Usagi and Takahiro whenever I see two guys shaking hands. If I’m in a good mood, I’ll even shout “MAN FRIENDSHIP!” even though I know one will understand. That’s my uh, stupid habit of screaming memes out loud.

I noticed I still didn’t post a Junjo moment so this is to make up for it. Sure, there’s a lot of other Junjo moments I’d have in here but if I did 12 Junjo moments it wouldn’t be 12 moments in anime anymore would it?

Not sure how to explain this so I’ll just say. Usagi’s eccentricity + Takahiro’s stupidity =


Misaki’s despair.

That’s enough to love this moment. Okay, there’s a lot of “Misaki in Despair” moments but I loved this one particularly because of Takahiro.


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Oofuri ~

A friend showed me this some month or two months ago. Honestly, up to this day, I still don’t really know what this is. I know it’s a MAD of some clothing brand’s CM. That’s all I think is needed to know. That and there’s a whole LOT of anime versions of this CM. It’s crazy. The songs addicting and it’s fun seeing a bunch of different characters dancing.

Eh, I’m not sure how this is memorable, so to speak. I just loved how one CM could spawn so many different versions with a bunch of bishies (most of the time) dancing.

Links to different versions:

Gundam 00
Code Geass
Death Note
Kamen Rider DEN-O


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brought to you by KAITO ~

I concentrate on men way too much so I’ve decided to give this award to a female AND a male. Hur. To be honest, there’s not much challenge or place for argument about this award in my head. It took me officially0.0000004325 seconds to decide this. I mean, gosh, there’s REALLY no arguing this at all. (more…)

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This scene is memorable to me but definitely not in the right way. It was more traumatic to me more than anything. I forced myself to watch the scene again for the sake of the moment because, the last time, I completely skipped it. Obviously, I’m running out of ideas for using such a scene as a memorable moment. Well, it is memorable. In the sense of the word, right? (more…)

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Take this and forever be mah slave!

SuzaLulu owns part of my soul. But for a time, it completely owned it and that was during Lulu’s whole death scene in the last episode. Oups, did I need spoiler tags for that? Not that I think someone doesn’t know about all this already.


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