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vlcsnap-30923The best of CLANNAD happened while everyone was still in school.

I dare you to disagree. (more…)

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03/13: Posted the preview

Note: This Preview will constantly be updated as I have yet to fill in the information for all the series listed here. The updates will be listed in the neat little status box to your right as well as above as they are posted.


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Mei-Chan no Shitsuji Episode 01

So, with a big WTF on my face, I watched the first episode of Mei-chan no Shitsuji. I heard it was good from a couple of people so I said ‘hey, why not?’ Besides, I could use a littmei-chan0001le fawning over those lines all butlers say. Of course, if I wanted a butler, I’d still choose Kuroshitsuji’s Sebastian buuut ~ S-ranked Rihito is fine.

Mei’s a poor megane udon girl. One day, bamm bam boom! Her parents die in an accident. A bishie butler shows up (i.e: Rihito). The udon shop blows up. And ~ Mei’s forced to go to a super rich bitchojou-sama school because it turns out she the heiress to a important family. Talk about your crazy lives. Anyways, I understand what’s entertaining about the drama. The bishies. The bitches. The comedy. The foreshadowing to what I hope will be a nice plot. Hm, very interesting. (more…)

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So, I’ve been under this “I don’t want to force myself to do anything” type mood lately. It’s actually quite relaxing and I feel like I’ve gotten a huge load of my back. The nagging habit of thinking I have the responsability to post anime-related posts finally subsided. But here I am anyway, writing a post. Looks like I can’t stay away from my blog after all. (more…)

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