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I’ve got an unbelievably good tolerance for things that most people say absolutely suck and a horribly bad tolerance for things most people say is epic. Of course, I try to make exceptions the exceptionally good stuff … but I always watch those months after everyone’s over it. (Like Gurren Lagann for example.)

That said, I actually liked the first episode of Umineko. (more…)

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“Fufufu, now that we’ve got the shota covered, let’s move onto incest!”

Episode 23 introduces Liechtenstein and re-introduces her Onii-sama Switzerland (who I’ll call Vash now because I’m a lazy ass who doesn’t want to type Switerland repeatedly) in the first part. Afterwards, we are given a possible reason for Italy’s weakness and finally Romano’s back with more fun! (more…)

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To Itsuki,

Please stop staring at Kyon.

(I even changed my banner for the sake of these two)


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Chibi: srs bsns.

Because no chibi love is stronger than HRExChibitalia love!

(Wishlist status: Chibitalia conclusion? Check! Valentines strips? Hoping.)


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And America took his hand ..

America’s Cleaning out of the Storage is probably the most popular strip of Hetalia out there. It’s not my favorite, but as an angst fan and Arthur lover, how can I possibly resist strip containing Arthur crying in pain?

I’m not a sadist, really.

(Or maybe it’s because I’m loyal to UKxJapan rather than USxUK)


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