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And we’re back to Romantica after two glorious weeks of Egoist! It’s been a while Misaki, Usagi ❤ Can’t say I had time to miss you since Egoist was so damn awesome, though. I’m watching the episode as I write so I’m still hoping this episode will be as good as the past two. I highly doubt it but we’ll see. If I’m not mistaken, this episode marks the beginning of volume three for the manga. Man we’re going through things quickly. Anyways, onto the episode! (more…)


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I haven’t found the opportunity to write about Macross and after this episode I felt I HAD to write something.


Macross Frontier is really, really awesome. (more…)

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This episode had me a little teary. Lulu really looked like he was going to snap and he was SO CLOSE to taking the refrain. I was kinda pissed that he almost nearly kissed Kallen but since Rolo came right after she left, I’m alright. Because Rolo was the one who brought Lulu back, he definitely striked a lot of points this episode. My favorite part of the episode was definitely the rooftop scene though. The fact that Lulu actually cried made me squee so much! He’s so cute. There wasn’t much twists this episode, thank goodness. So I didn’t get a heart attack this time. The ending was pretty obvious but I do wonder what’s going to happen later on … I highly doubt everything is going to go smoothly. As long as what happened in the first season isn’t repeated I’m alright.

(How did Lulu get a new cellphone so quickly?)

((Non-tan is still invading the world))

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