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Late. But anyways,


There are actually two moments I really loved from this episode but I’ll go with the second one. Tomoya’s mariage proposal. (more…)

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I’m going to pretend I didn’t skip a day and continue this. Hur.



7th moment is (or sixth moment, whatever) is MAN FRIENDSHIP! More than memorable, I think this just made a permanent meme on my mind. I think of Usagi and Takahiro whenever I see two guys shaking hands. If I’m in a good mood, I’ll even shout “MAN FRIENDSHIP!” even though I know one will understand. That’s my uh, stupid habit of screaming memes out loud.

I noticed I still didn’t post a Junjo moment so this is to make up for it. Sure, there’s a lot of other Junjo moments I’d have in here but if I did 12 Junjo moments it wouldn’t be 12 moments in anime anymore would it?

Not sure how to explain this so I’ll just say. Usagi’s eccentricity + Takahiro’s stupidity =


Misaki’s despair.

That’s enough to love this moment. Okay, there’s a lot of “Misaki in Despair” moments but I loved this one particularly because of Takahiro.


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Oofuri ~

A friend showed me this some month or two months ago. Honestly, up to this day, I still don’t really know what this is. I know it’s a MAD of some clothing brand’s CM. That’s all I think is needed to know. That and there’s a whole LOT of anime versions of this CM. It’s crazy. The songs addicting and it’s fun seeing a bunch of different characters dancing.

Eh, I’m not sure how this is memorable, so to speak. I just loved how one CM could spawn so many different versions with a bunch of bishies (most of the time) dancing.

Links to different versions:

Gundam 00
Code Geass
Death Note
Kamen Rider DEN-O


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This scene is memorable to me but definitely not in the right way. It was more traumatic to me more than anything. I forced myself to watch the scene again for the sake of the moment because, the last time, I completely skipped it. Obviously, I’m running out of ideas for using such a scene as a memorable moment. Well, it is memorable. In the sense of the word, right? (more…)

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Take this and forever be mah slave!

SuzaLulu owns part of my soul. But for a time, it completely owned it and that was during Lulu’s whole death scene in the last episode. Oups, did I need spoiler tags for that? Not that I think someone doesn’t know about all this already.


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(8) Saa, Boku to keiyaku shimasen ka?

Peer pressure forced me into watching Katekyo Hitman Reborn. Kufufu no Fu sealed the contract.

… Me thinks the song sends subliminal messages to people and makes them watch KHR. Stupid song title. Anyways, I was racking my brains out after all trying to think of another moment. I had a few other ideas that were actually episode-related but … they were depressing (lol whut?) and I’m not in that mood right now. -sobs-

I love this song. I love Mukuro; my sexy pinneapple head ~ It’s crack and yet, for some odd reason, fits with Mukuro’s personality. I wonder why. Though, I break out in laughs whenever I imagine him actually dancing the samba to this. Oh dear dear ~


Other Links here

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I read CCY’s post and since it sounded like fun, I’ve decided to jump in on the project too! Though, I think I’ll be racking my brain to think up 12 moments. There’s plenty. I just need to remember them. Hur. That’s harder than it sounds for me at least. (more…)

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