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I swear my heart stopped when I heard SuzuKen’s voice. Genderless …


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The best thing about Egoist is how clumsy Nowaki and Hiroki are. But it’s really cute so who cares! Really, I’ve never squee’d so much in a while. Especially in episode four, it was just really beautiful. I’ve also come to not mind the not-really-explicit ero scenes because well … sometimes it’s just better when they leave it up to our imagination.

Anyways, the past two junjo episodes were Egoist episodes and one of my favorite parts of the manga. Honestly, I’m really glad with how it came out. Or maybe that’s because I’m still squeeing and not really noticing the bad parts.

I didn’t noticed anything bad with the animation but I do have to not how extremely cute Hiroki was drawn in episode four. No, he was REALLY REALLY cute. I think it had something to do with his eyes but whatever it was I loved it. ((Him getting bothered about his wrinkles is absolutely MOE!! ><))

As for the episodes themselves, there was a lot of running. In both episodes 03 and 04. I actually found it funny but it got long … especially in episode three. It was fun watching this though because if you haven’t read the manga you’ll think that everything was Nowaki’s fault. In reality, it was all Hiroki’s fault though. Nowaki’s the one who had to go through the most grief actually but he’s the seme so its a given. HAHA. It’s fun how ukes always think their right and their seme’s wrong. MOERUUU ~

Miyagi turned out to be a more fun character than I thought. I didn’t hear much of Terrorist but he’s really awesome. The whole “Mai sweet-o honey~” scene made me crack so hard but then when it switched to Nowaki’s face I was like “OMGOMGOMGOMG” and crap even though I knew what was going to happen.

In episode four, I really loved how the waiting scene was done. Poor, poor Hiroki!! Waiting there in the rain. Alone. T_T -cry/sob- His monologue was absolutely GAAH. I felt so bad for him! And the worst is how Nowaki JUST missed him.

Yep, this is the angst I love from yaoi. (You know what else is neat about Egoist?! THERE’S NO FEMALES!!!)

((Can you believe it took me five episode to realize the thin waists?! OUUUU THIN WAISTS!!! <3<3))

Another great scene was the whole thing with Hiroki finding the letter Nowaki never sent. That was so sweet! Really. That’s five hundred points in my book. I went kinda trigger happy in this scene.

The after episode scene of episode five was with Misaki and Usagi. It was a short story about Suzuki get spilled with natto and Misaki becoming Usagi’s makura. KAWAII! The one of episode six was the scene where Hiroki learns the whole affair is in reality his fault. Sad realization lol.

Now to excitedly wait for the Egoist arc about Nowaki being frustrated about not being able to call Hiroki by his first name …


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The RAW for episode five came a little later than usual and I haven’t been able to watch it until the saturday that passed. I’ve been meaning to write my post but with the Mother’s Day party and other things I didn’t find the time. That said I decided to smack episode five and six in one post this week which shouldn’t be much of a problem since their both Egoist episodes following each other.

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I need shoot someone. Liek NAO.

Geass will be the death of me. It’s really unhealthy how I stop breathing by the end of every episode because of the damned cliffhangers. I’ll tell my friends to sue Sunrise for giving me a fucking heart attack. What’s worst is that I already knew what was going to happen and it STILL made me “O_O” and crap.

Really. Just when I think this can’t get any better (or worst?! XD) it does. All is left is for Villeta to realize she’s pregnant and we’re done.


Excuse me, Lulu. WTF is up with that shirt? He does realize its horrible right? OMG. Someone bring in the pink apron. Please before I collapse.

I hate comparing Death Note with Geass. But I couldn’t help myself this time. I had a Light and Eru at Uni replay with the whole scene. It’s creeps me out how their pretending to still be friends when they obviously want to punch each other’s guts out. Yasashii koe Suzaku surprised me for a second and I remembered why I loved him. Suzaku: 10.

-gets shot- Rolo: 25

Suzaku getting bitten by Arthur … another 10 points. (Um, so how did Arthur just appear out of nowhere? Oh well! It doesn’t matter. It’s anime)

“NYAAAA~” ?! -tte?! -dies-

(Suzaku: 30 …. HOLY FUCK, he got ahead of Rolo!)

Rolo: 30 … DAMNIT LULU. Can’t you keep him instead of Nunnally? This sibling is useful unlike your damned pathetic sister. SIS CON!

(Suzaku glaring from afar deserves a minus. His face was freaky … but since he was carrying Arthur I’mma let it pass)

((Oh what beautiful logic I have!))

Zino’s awesome. Being voiced by Hoshi aside. He is awesome. (Anya’s cool too)

Guess there can’t have only BL slash. (Anyways, it’s really obvious now how Villeta still has feelings for Ogi and I’m kinda pissed at Lulu for using that relationship against her. It’s really fucked how much I still love Lulu after all he’s done)

Suzaku minus 10 for mentioning the Lacus-wannabe. (This pissed me off more than it should)

Lulu plus 100! -tte, he’s not in the competition.

C.C reminds me of the robo-character in Negima! I can’t remember her name tho’. I have a feeling the giant pizza thing’s been done before too … or is it just me?

Everyone gathering up in one place made me panic for a second. It’s funny how really serious stuff is going on and yet it feels like I should be laughing. Well, I was but that’s not the point.

Don’t worry Lulu. Your brain makes up for your lack of physical abilities. (No slash intended, really)

The pizza aftermath was hillarious. Man do I love these Ashford episodes. It’s really awesome how it still blends in with the actual plot while looking like slice-of-life. If Sunrise puts out a season of just Ashford I won’t complain. (Suzaku in a tree with Arthur plus 10 (30))

Poor, poor Rival. After like 30 episodes he still can’t get Millay. XD What a totally un-advancing subplot.

Suzaku: 40 for saying he lost Lulu … but …

– 20 for this. Rolo’s still in the lead and he barely did anything this episode.

At least I know why Nunnally had Euphie’s outfit in this pic of Geass I saw. Great. Now if Nunnally dyes her hair pink she’ll look exactly like Euphie. Which is bad for more than one reason -glares a Suzaku-

((I wonder how Lulu’s going manage it though. He’s going to have to pretend he doesn’t know Nunnally if he wants to make Suzaku believe he really doesn’t remember anything. I’ll bet that’ll be HELL for Lulu. I must admit that that was a really good move from Suzaku tho’ to confirm Lulu’s memories …))

Score Board:
Rolo: 30
Suzaku: 20

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