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vlcsnap-30923The best of CLANNAD happened while everyone was still in school.

I dare you to disagree. (more…)


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The Cherry Blossoms are angsting

Two episodes ago, I said “I expect the baby to be born whithin two episodes at this rate” … Ugh. I should’ve realized sooner what the baby being born so early would mean. Stupid me; forgetting the important details like this. Even if I still disliked Nagisa like before, I still wouldn’t be able to watch this episode properly. (more…)

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England because his tsundereness is currently on my mind. It would’ve been General Winter but I can’t find a nice enough picture. I hate you General Winter. T_T;

(I can’t believe I’ve managed to do this already three weeks in a row. I’m a day early en plus!)


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Late. But anyways,


There are actually two moments I really loved from this episode but I’ll go with the second one. Tomoya’s mariage proposal. (more…)

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Am I back? I hope I am. I’m actually pretty reluctant to be posting this but the term is over and I don’t want to get become any later than I already am. Anyways, I’ve made myself watching anime and I missed it. I did some “walking down memory lane” and it made me wanna blog again. That’s a story for later though.  (more…)

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I loved Misae’s arc. I thought I loved Sunohara’s arc but this arc just blew my away. The After Story is beating the first season by miles. I’ve felt like crying every episode since episode, what? Three? As I said before, one of my favorite things about Misae’s arc is the supernatural elements. Although, when you consider everything altogether, her story because quite obvious. Still, that doesn’t take away all the emotion in their story. It’s all so bittersweet. And I love bittersweet. (more…)

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I almost cried. This was the most beautifully excecuted arc in CLANNAD ever and I’m not just saying this because of the Tomoya and Sunohara eye candy. It had the most hilarious jokes and gags ever but it was also the most dramatic arc. The whole story with Mei and Youhei being one misunderstanding after an another was just so sad and ironic. I absolutely loved how it just bounced back and forth. Though, more than the sibling relationship, I think this arc really showed how strong the friendship between Sunohara and Tomoya is. From the fight scene to the end of the episode I was completely moved. I was gasping, squealing and all around dying inside. Okay, so that was part fangirling but I still couldn’t help but think ‘Damn, this was a beautiful arc’ (more…)

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