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vlcsnap-30923The best of CLANNAD happened while everyone was still in school.

I dare you to disagree. (more…)


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The Cherry Blossoms are angsting

Two episodes ago, I said “I expect the baby to be born whithin two episodes at this rate” … Ugh. I should’ve realized sooner what the baby being born so early would mean. Stupid me; forgetting the important details like this. Even if I still disliked Nagisa like before, I still wouldn’t be able to watch this episode properly. (more…)

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England because his tsundereness is currently on my mind. It would’ve been General Winter but I can’t find a nice enough picture. I hate you General Winter. T_T;

(I can’t believe I’ve managed to do this already three weeks in a row. I’m a day early en plus!)


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Late. But anyways,


There are actually two moments I really loved from this episode but I’ll go with the second one. Tomoya’s mariage proposal. (more…)

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brought to you by KAITO ~

I concentrate on men way too much so I’ve decided to give this award to a female AND a male. Hur. To be honest, there’s not much challenge or place for argument about this award in my head. It took me officially0.0000004325 seconds to decide this. I mean, gosh, there’s REALLY no arguing this at all. (more…)

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This is the most pathetic award name I’ll ever come up with. I just wanted an excuse to give a certain blue-haired character an award. I think the name of the award pretty much speaks for itself so I won’t bother explaining much. It’s basically a prize going to my favorite blue-haired character of the year. Why blue and not another color? That’s because I noticed how much blue-haired characters we had this year.

(And no, it’s not Kaito. Though, it might’ve been)


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Am I back? I hope I am. I’m actually pretty reluctant to be posting this but the term is over and I don’t want to get become any later than I already am. Anyways, I’ve made myself watching anime and I missed it. I did some “walking down memory lane” and it made me wanna blog again. That’s a story for later though.  (more…)

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