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Take this and forever be mah slave!

SuzaLulu owns part of my soul. But for a time, it completely owned it and that was during Lulu’s whole death scene in the last episode. Oups, did I need spoiler tags for that? Not that I think someone doesn’t know about all this already.


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Because it had to be done.

(I trible double dare you to listen to all the videos at the same time. WARNING: Major Earfuck. But I’ll give you a cookie! Beware the dreaded lag beams)

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LOL ONE: Happy feet. (more…)

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Code Geass R2 – Sound Story Episode 02

Why can’t the anime be as great as the sound stories? It’s sort of frustrating. The other thing that’s frustrating is how the Suzaku I LOVE is intact in the sound stories yet in the anime he’s competely … ugh. What are you doing Sunrise?! If they animated a full 26 episode season of Code Geass sound stories I’d watch it and buy the damn DVDs to show my full support. (more…)

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Okay, so summer isn’t over yet sure but since it’s close to ending I figured I might as well do this post now. Just so you know, the Fall 2008 Lineup is moving along smoothly. Most of the information searching is over so after I write down my personal impressions I’ll be ready to post it. Well, I’m also waiting for certain news about certain series. Namely, Skip Beat. Also, not many series have their air dates released either so I’m waiting for that too. I’ll probably have it posted before the end of the month though. I wouldn’t want to have that post in the back of my mind when school starts. (more…)

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I feel as if there was a lot of development in this episode. The only problem is that none of the development was properly, uh, developed. Which is like saying we were fed with teasers that might not even be explained later on (more…)

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This episode was insane. Honestly, I have no idea what’s going on anymore. Every time I try to make sense of what’s happening it feels like my brain is going to explode. During the fight, it was pretty hard to figure out who was going to win. One second Zero’s winning and the next Xing-ke’s fighting back. I can’t help but think that Xing-ke’s eventually going to come to Zero’s side though.

But the most fucked part had to be Lulu being in Ashford. SUNRISE DOES IT AGAIN! What kind of explanation are they going to give us this time, eh?

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I don’t even want to try to make sense of what I’m watching anymore. As long as I get my slash and laughs, I’m satisfied. Funny how something so nonsensical and broken can be this entertaining. Moving on,

Say, Lulu doesn’t REALLY expect that everything’s going to be alright in the end right? Well, it’s Sunrise. They can go ahead and make an ending where Lulu lives happily ever after with his harem (with Suzaku and/or Rolo being the main attractions while the girls and lolis provide fanservice or something) with Ashford as his palace … I wouldn’t be surprised. Really, I wouldn’t.

(This screen’s giving me Fllay x Kira flashbacks:

If C.C didn’t interrupt, this would’ve happened … C.C needs more screentime. She’s the only girl I actually like in Geass ==; … well Kallen isn’t bad)

Gino’s cute. Way cute. Much cuter than another Gino (who went from vegetable cute to wanna-be zorro to just plain gaythe unwanted sort of gay mind you … by the way, no I do not go on Gaia)

I refuse to believe he’s just kidding.

(I’m torn. So Lloyd basically gets both Cecile and Millay in an overly revealing dress and yet STILL sounds like he has absolutely no interest in them. Or maybe Lloyd’s just the type to do it with anything)

((I’m going to demand a sound story of what Millay fantasized. Prolly isn’t as epic as Shirley’s scenarios though))

Schneizel and Lulu are more alike than I thought. Their both gay with a lolicon and good at sunrise chess. Yes, SUNRISE CHESS.

Uh yeah, Xing-ke’s just Seiran’s replica with black hair. Midorin sure does a have record for voicing characters like them. One second his voice is all deep and freaky and the next all kind and loving. (Both ways have me fawning on him though)

Lulu had originally wanted to officially add Suzaku into his harem. Because that failed …

He takes the loli instead.

I would love to know why this bitch was in Lulu’s happy ending image instead of C.C.

(All she does is obsessively speak of Euphie and scream “EUPHEMIA-SAMA NO KATAKI!” every now and then or puts on a scared face)

Uhh …. what?

(I’m expecting Orange-kun to break into song any episode now)

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