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Kyuuso wa Cheese no Yume wo Miru + Sojou no Koi wa Nido Haneru

Pairing: Nakamura Yuuichi x Yusa Kouji


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Haruyama no Koi
pairings: Konishi Katsuyuki x Kishio Daisuke


Kishio Daisuke as [Itsuki no] Shino
Konishi Katsuyuki as Tachibana no Takachika

Brief Summary:

Set during a more ancient Japan, Haruyama no Koi is the story of a ugly and scarred boy, Shino, living alone in the mountains and a young master who lost everything, Takachika, who Shino found injured in the woods.

(spoilers ahead)


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3 Shake

pairing; Suzuki Tatsuhisa x Takeuchi Ken and Takahashi Hiroki x Takeuchi Ken

(Yes, it’s a threesome.)


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Mister Romanticist no Koi

pairing; Hatano Wataru x Sugiyama Noriaki

produced by Atis Collection
original novel by Sunahara Touko
illustrated by Sakuragi Yaya


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England because his tsundereness is currently on my mind. It would’ve been General Winter but I can’t find a nice enough picture. I hate you General Winter. T_T;

(I can’t believe I’ve managed to do this already three weeks in a row. I’m a day early en plus!)


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produced by Atis Collection
original novel by Sakiya Haruhi
illustrated by Hasukawa Ai

Pairing; Miki Shinichirou x Kamiya Hiroshi

[First post of the year and it’s way-too lenghty BLCD review. Beware!] (more…)

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Kimishiruya Unmei no

Pairing: Konishi Katsuyuki x Suzuki Chihiro (more…)

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Sekaiichi Hatsukoi 2


Konishi Katsuyuki x Kondou Takashi, Nakamura Yuuichi x Tachibana Shinnosuke (more…)

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