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I’ve got an unbelievably good tolerance for things that most people say absolutely suck and a horribly bad tolerance for things most people say is epic. Of course, I try to make exceptions the exceptionally good stuff … but I always watch those months after everyone’s over it. (Like Gurren Lagann for example.)

That said, I actually liked the first episode of Umineko. (more…)

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Mei-Chan no Shitsuji Episode 01

So, with a big WTF on my face, I watched the first episode of Mei-chan no Shitsuji. I heard it was good from a couple of people so I said ‘hey, why not?’ Besides, I could use a littmei-chan0001le fawning over those lines all butlers say. Of course, if I wanted a butler, I’d still choose Kuroshitsuji’s Sebastian buuut ~ S-ranked Rihito is fine.

Mei’s a poor megane udon girl. One day, bamm bam boom! Her parents die in an accident. A bishie butler shows up (i.e: Rihito). The udon shop blows up. And ~ Mei’s forced to go to a super rich bitchojou-sama school because it turns out she the heiress to a important family. Talk about your crazy lives. Anyways, I understand what’s entertaining about the drama. The bishies. The bitches. The comedy. The foreshadowing to what I hope will be a nice plot. Hm, very interesting. (more…)

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As soon as a video got uploaded on youtube with the audio of the episode, I listened to it. That was Saturday night and I fangirled like mad. Then, Sunday night, I find screenshot and fangirled like mad. And finally today, the episode is uploaded on youtube and I fangirled like MAD. Despite all the little things that pissed me off … that is. Mainly how the episodes are so short. Aa ~ This is really saddening. At least I can cheer myself up with the fact we’re getting Chara CDs. (more…)

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I’m not kidding. That title is handful. I’ll give myself a cookie when I managed to memorize it perfectly. Whose bright and ingenius idea was it to use this title and not “Munto” anyway? Or is it because the OP has “Sora o Miageru Shoujo no … (screw it)” in it? Okay, well, I’m going to make a diminutive by the end of the post. No way in hell am I writing “Sora o Miageru Shoujo no Hitomi bla bla bla …” every time … aside for in the post title. (more…)

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Warning, this post contains unjustified fangirling.

Junjo Romantica is back! I totally love how I refresh Tokyo Tosho and the RAW suddenly appears ~ I died, resurrected and started fangirling like mad. But anyways …

Before I start my post, I’d like to thank all you lurking Junjo fans who have been giving my past Junjo posts a bunch of views every day. I mean, just today I got 258 views all in all for the Junjo posts! Most posts have gone to Egoist for some odd reason. So yes, thank you very much Junjo Romantica fans even though you don’t comment! (more…)

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I’m happy my expections didn’t amount to nothing. FUNimation’s been disapointing me lately but I’m actually happy with Ouran’s dub! There’s a lot of weird stuff to it but I’m happy overall with it. Particularly the voice acting.

(By the way, I watched the first two episode up on FUNimation’s website.) (more…)

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In most posts I’ve read, Kuroshitsuji has been compared to Hayate no Gotoku. Well, when I first read the manga, I compared it to Hayate as well but when I re-think it, Kuroshitsuji is much closed to Count Cain/Godchild.  Both have an english setting, a handsome young noble and an equally attractive butler as well as gothic/horror themes. (more…)

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Ah, welcome back Gundam 00! I embrace thy insanity with open arms. But once again, I’m late with my post on this episode. I’ll be quicker next week since it’ll be a long weekend. Promise. Anyways, I’ll skip on the formalities since there’s plenty other posts to check out for a short summary. Then again, I never did write summaries did I? (more…)

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