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Sorry for the late post. I would’ve posted sooner but wordpress was seriously backfiring on me. It wouldn’t upload the screenshots and I was much to lazy to upload them on photobucket. On another hand, I’m starting to enjoy Skip Beat! the anime more. Maybe it’s the quality of the RAW, but the animation feels smoother and a little less bland. There’s been less white flash screens of death and the scenes seem funnier to me somehow. Or maybe I’m just happy Ren’s getting his screentime.

Though, watching the anime just makes me more anxious about the manga. The one month between chapters are so harsh they kill me. I need more distractions. (more…)


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Ah beautiful sweet Egoist! How I have missed you so! I can’t believe myself for forgetting the whole ‘name’ arc. I forgot the anime didn’t get to it yet. Okay, so there’s a bunch who dislike these two because they’re angsty and a little bit toot dramatic. But hey, it’s rare you find yaoi devoid of angst. (more…)

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Warning: I’m in the middle of a writer’s block. I’m not feeling witty or sarcastic. Meaning, I’ve only got fangirling left. (more…)

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I almost cried. This was the most beautifully excecuted arc in CLANNAD ever and I’m not just saying this because of the Tomoya and Sunohara eye candy. It had the most hilarious jokes and gags ever but it was also the most dramatic arc. The whole story with Mei and Youhei being one misunderstanding after an another was just so sad and ironic. I absolutely loved how it just bounced back and forth. Though, more than the sibling relationship, I think this arc really showed how strong the friendship between Sunohara and Tomoya is. From the fight scene to the end of the episode I was completely moved. I was gasping, squealing and all around dying inside. Okay, so that was part fangirling but I still couldn’t help but think ‘Damn, this was a beautiful arc’ (more…)

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