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This episode is officially my favorite episode since the Minimum episode back in the first season and is by far my favorite episode of the second season. The execution was beautiful and Misaki was just plain funny this episode. For once, I’m not complaining we got only one episode of Egoist before getting back to Romantica. The main reason is that we got some real progress on Misaki’s and Usagi’s relationship this time around. The next event to look forward to is Misaki’s attempt at a confession. (more…)


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Sorry for the late post. I would’ve posted sooner but wordpress was seriously backfiring on me. It wouldn’t upload the screenshots and I was much to lazy to upload them on photobucket. On another hand, I’m starting to enjoy Skip Beat! the anime more. Maybe it’s the quality of the RAW, but the animation feels smoother and a little less bland. There’s been less white flash screens of death and the scenes seem funnier to me somehow. Or maybe I’m just happy Ren’s getting his screentime.

Though, watching the anime just makes me more anxious about the manga. The one month between chapters are so harsh they kill me. I need more distractions. (more…)

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Looks like it’s finally time for Saji to crawl out of his little hole and realize that life isn’t a simple as it seems. What has he been doing for the past five episodes? Blaming all the shit on the world on others.  Easy to do that isn’t it Saji? I’m glad they finally moved him from square one. You know what they about the butterfly effect right? It’s the same thing with Saji. I’m glad his selfishness finally backfired on him. Why couldn’t he have stayed put? Common sense Saji! Even if you aren’t from Catalan or Celestial Being or whatever, people believe your are and soldiers obviously don’t have the time of day to make judgements and show you some pity. (more…)

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This episode has made me so fucking happy. Excuse the hard word but boy did I fangirl this week. Why? Well obviously for the shota addition. Shima is too fucking cute. I found him totally adorable in the game but with an appearance wow … my love has multiplied tenfold. (more…)

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