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Oofuri overdose.

Never thought I’d enjoy a sports anime but when the characters are this loveable I make an exception. It’s a bonus that a lot of my fav seiyuus are in here too (Non-tan, Mamo, Shimono, FukuJun and Yuutan)

My ultimate favs in Nishiura is prollu Mihashi, Abe, Tajima and Izumi. Mizutani coming right after Izumi tho’

As for why well … Mihashi for being so damn cute all the time. Don’t you feel like just glomping him?! He’s so cute when he glances nervously around like he does. Wai! Then Abe ‘cuz he’s so cool. Tajima because he eye-rapes you. Izumi for being such a bishi and Mizutani for the same reason.

GAH. They are so awesome.

I’m still confused with some of the lingo used but I got down the basics of baseball. Which is nice really ‘cuz it’ll help when I get back to Double Call.

Anyways, I’m just at episode 16 … gotta move on before I rant too much here.

(The “confession” got me hooked on this … I think it was in episode three …. It’s fun how totally and extremely slashable stuff always happens in episode three’s -points a Naruto and Nabari-)

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