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I haven’t written a review in a while so here’s two of ’em.

Wagamama Ouji series. Drama CD number One. Wagamama Ouji ni Goyoujin

Pairing: Koyasu Takehito x Suzuki Chihiro



This is h-filled story of gorgeous but self-absorbed prince Mahatir (Koyasu) and his uke-in-denial Tomoya.  There is virtually no plot in this CD so if you’re expecting story and drama then this is the wrong CD to listen to. I’m not sure about the other dramas in this series, but the first one is filled with NOTHING but h-scenes. All of them non-con but there is no violence.

It’s been a while since I listened to a drama with seiyuus that aren’t in my top ten but I thoroughly enjoyed this drama. It’s the funniest listen I got in a while. Suzuki really portrays the ‘denial’ part well and his inner dialogs make me giggle so much. I always thought Koyasu sounded well in a “aggressor’s” role so no surprises here. Every time I hear his voice, It feels as he can rape you any second. In case it doesn’t show, I DO like his voice … it’s just it puts shivers down my spine sometimes … and I also mistake his voice for Suwabe’s every now and then.

As I said, this drama is nothing but H and, to be honest, very hot and well-done H. Suzuki let’s out the cutest moans ever. In a way, sort of reminding me of Shimono’s. ❤ If you blush easily, refrain from listening to this one in a public place. HAHA.


Innai Kansen


Yusa Kouji x Chiba Susumu
Yusa Kouji x Mizushima Takahiro
Mizushima Takahiro x Yusa Kouji

Summary: (sorry, it’s pretty long)

I don’t particularly enjoy the whole ‘doctor’ premise but that aside, I guess you could say I enjoyed this drama. It started out pretty well and the middle arc was fun but the ending felt … stretched.

Anyways, this is about two doctors, Sawamura (Yusa) and Yagi (Chiba) who had a “purely” sexual relationship. Though it is made known not far in that Yagi has feelings of love for Sawamura and doesn’t want their relationship to stay the way it is.

The two always meet in Room (insert number here) after Sawamura successfully does an operation and have hot man sex. The patient in that room, I might add, is a comatose patient, Tachibana Sou (Mizushima).

Yagi is actually a married man with a daughter. One day, he tells Sawamura that he would leave his family without a second thought if Sawamura would just say “I love you”. Sawamura rejects him by telling him not to confuse sex with love.

The next day, Yagi gets into an accident and, while on the rolling patient’s bed thingy, gives Sawamura his white coat as a birthday gift (because Sawamura asked for it beforehand). Sawamura tries his utmost best to save Yagi but in the end … he fails.

After that, he goes to the room where he and Yagi always had sex. Crying, he admits he loves Yagi. Hearing the words ‘I love you’, comatose patient Tachibana Sou finally wakes up. That’s the first arc in a nutshell.

In the second arc, Sawamura had exiled himself after failing to save Yagi to some remote island. There Tachibana reveals himself and not soon after says he loves Sawamura. However, said doctor is already a little loopy at this point and hallucinates that Tachibana is Yagi. They have sex a few times, each time Sawamura pretending Tachibana is Yagi. Sometime later though, Tachibana gets Sawamura to properly acknowledge him. At this point, Tachibana becomes the seme.

It goes on happily that way for a while until Tachibana hear Sawamura mutter Yagi’s name in his sleep. Tachibana, in the end, decides to leave confessing to Sawamura that he talked to Yagi in the past. It turns out that Tachibana was only pretending to be asleep and truly woke up about a month or half a month after Yagi’s accident.

Tachibana tells Sawamura that Yagi DID NOT commit suicide and that Sawamura should be at Yagi’s side. Sawamura leaves the island and visits Yagi. After 35 days of Sawamura telling Yagi ”I love you’ everyday, Yagi finally wakes up. And that’s the second arc in a nutshell.

In the last arc, Yagi is slowly recovering but he doesn’t appear to remember anything about the past. Tachibana and his new boyfriend come to visit. Sawamura and Tachibana have a talk but Sawamura soon leaves because he is called. Tachibana then talks to Yagi saying “It’s a lie that you forgot everything, isn’t it?” to which Yagi replies (writing on a notepad) “I don’t do Informed Consent” … written in English.

The story progresses and Yagi recovers and is living with Sawamura. A lot of crap happens, including Sawamura nearly getting into an accident, and in the end, Yagi confesses that it’s a lie that he forgot everything.



Sorry, I really felt like making a long summary.

Okay, so I read the manga and listened to the drama. I have the same thing to say about both of them. THE STORY IS RUSHED. You’re not really given the time to feel all angsty, sad and crap about what’s going on because more crap is happening. Then there’s the ending that felt sooooooo stretched. They could’ve ended it with Yagi waking up. The whole mini-sub-plot with the “IM SORRY I LIED ABOUT FORGETTING” was bullshit. Honestly. Or they could’ve just made a one-track epilogue with the whole “Informed Consent” thingy.

The story itself is beautiful and extremely tragic but neither the manga nor the drama does it any justice. Yusa’s performance as Sawamura was heart-melting as usual. This is the first time I listened to a Mizushima drama. He does the genki-character pretty well but his moans are really high-pitched and nasally, reminding me, more than anything, of Yamaguchi Kappei. I don’t particularly enjoy that type of voice.

AND NO, I don’t know what the fuck “Informed Consent” is supposed to be. I’m guessing “Innai Kansen” is “Informed Consent” … but I don’t have a damn clue what it means.

If I’m bored, I’ll make a fanfic-rewrite of this … or I won’t be satisfied.

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