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Unfortunately not a Terrorist episode …

Why does it feel like I haven’t seen Hiroki and Nowaki for such a long time? I’m supposed to be tired of these two already but I enjoyed the episode anyway. It’s just the usual Egoist pattern. Hiroki misunderstanding one of Nowaki’s actions, panicking about it and in the end, Nowaki explaining everything. The usual. (more…)


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Ah beautiful sweet Egoist! How I have missed you so! I can’t believe myself for forgetting the whole ‘name’ arc. I forgot the anime didn’t get to it yet. Okay, so there’s a bunch who dislike these two because they’re angsty and a little bit toot dramatic. But hey, it’s rare you find yaoi devoid of angst. (more…)

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One day late, I finally bring to you Terrorist goodness! It’s the couple I know the least about since I only heard one of their Drama CDs and only read a couple of their chapters from the manga. As most of you already know, Terrorist focuses on Miyagi You and his ex-brother-in-law Takatsuki Shinobu. (more…)

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The RAW for episode five came a little later than usual and I haven’t been able to watch it until the saturday that passed. I’ve been meaning to write my post but with the Mother’s Day party and other things I didn’t find the time. That said I decided to smack episode five and six in one post this week which shouldn’t be much of a problem since their both Egoist episodes following each other.

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Junjo Romantica’s OP single is out! It contains two songs by Pigstar. Namely the OP “Kimi=Hana” and another song called “Gore” … each song’s intrumental’s included too. You can download the single in Tokyo Toshokan in .flac format. (I wanted to post my review of Double Call 1-3 first but I’m lazy so that’ll come tomorrow)

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EDIT: My account in youtube got banned -cries- prolly because I uploaded the Junjo Trailers >.< You guys are going to have to watch the trailers on the official site now unless I decided to upload them somewhere else. XD

All the information the below has been taken from http://suzukisan.info/story.html

Episode 3 information:

Title: 叩けよさらば開かれ

In romaji: “Takake yo saraba “HIRAKAREN””

大阪にいる兄ちゃん元気ですか? 俺、高橋美咲は兄ちゃんに迷惑かけないようにバイトも勉強も頑張らなきゃ!とは思っているんですが、厳しいって知らずに 「鬼の上條」って生徒に呼ばれている助教授の授業を取ってしまって……大変なことになっています…。寝るとチョークが飛んでくるし、宿題地獄で死にそうに なるし、ウサギさんや兄ちゃんと同じ歳くらいらしいんだけど、ホント「鬼」みたいでさ。あんな人に彼女とかいるのかなぁって、角先輩と話していたんだけ ど……。

I sadly cannot read kanji and I haven’t completely learned hiragana either so I put this through a “to romaji” converter. The paragraph is basically random narration by Misaki introducing Hiroki as “Onii no Kamijo” which basically tells us that Hiroki’s known as a devil teacher. He throws chalk at j00! The paragraph ends with Misaki wondering if Hiroki’s has a girlfriend.

Air date: April 24th 2008

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