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I’m going to pretend I didn’t skip a day and continue this. Hur.



7th moment is (or sixth moment, whatever) is MAN FRIENDSHIP! More than memorable, I think this just made a permanent meme on my mind. I think of Usagi and Takahiro whenever I see two guys shaking hands. If I’m in a good mood, I’ll even shout “MAN FRIENDSHIP!” even though I know one will understand. That’s my uh, stupid habit of screaming memes out loud.

I noticed I still didn’t post a Junjo moment so this is to make up for it. Sure, there’s a lot of other Junjo moments I’d have in here but if I did 12 Junjo moments it wouldn’t be 12 moments in anime anymore would it?

Not sure how to explain this so I’ll just say. Usagi’s eccentricity + Takahiro’s stupidity =


Misaki’s despair.

That’s enough to love this moment. Okay, there’s a lot of “Misaki in Despair” moments but I loved this one particularly because of Takahiro.


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and the award goes to Shinobu from Junjo Romantica (Terrorist)

I’m repeating myself but …. Terrorist doesn’t get enough love. But what I really mean is that Shinobu doesn’t get enough love. -sobs- And thus I give the ‘most under-appreciated character’ of the year award. Hiroki’s an emo drama queen. Misaki’s in denial. Nowaki’s … euh … too good for Hiroki. Miyagi’s, um, old. And Usagi’s the world’s number one perverted gay novelist. You don’t hear much about Shinobu other than he’s an odd one. I don’t get it. I think he’s such a great character and yet I always see him get ignored. Unlike the other two ukes, Shinobu isn’t so pathetic. In both Romantica and Egoist, it’s the seme that makes the moves whilst in Terrorist it’s more or less balanced. Okay, so sure, Terrorist is a tad disturbing because Miyagi’s 17 years older than Shinobu and Shinobu’s his ex-brother in law … but still. (I’m willing to bet this is mostly due to the fact Shinobu doesn’t show up until later in the series)

Why am I giving out this award? Because I’m frustrated about the lack of Terrorist episodes in the anime. There’s two episodes left. I’ll get to blogging what I didn’t blog soon enough. Deal.

Honorable Mention: Luke from Tales of the Abyss

(Most disliked him because he’s such an immature, childish, self-centered ass until episode, what, nine? But I liked him (and I still like him) from the beginning … I won’t get to rant about that here though. Perhaps another time.)

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Misaki’s Usamons strike again!

And with this episode, I give up on all hope for another Terrorist episode. Well, I actually I’ll give up completely when the preview for next week’s episode shows up on the official site. Until then, I can hope a tweensy little bit, right? (more…)

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(I wrote this post a week ago and for some reason didn’t post it … The things I put in parentheses are the stuff I added to the original post)

This episode caught me off guard. I’m seriously squealing and giggling my heart out. Like really. My heart’s melting and I’m going to die from all this moe. I love you Misaki. I love you Usagi. My love for Romantica has returned. Love, love, love ~ Get it yet? I’m going to be in this fangirl mood for a while. (more…)

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An award that requires no introduction; best Openings of the year award! Oh yeah, this is a formality, but I wanted to do this one even though it’d take hours to decide. There was a lot of openings to get through and it was difficult to choose a favorite for certain seasons but I survived. Somehow. Moving on,

Disclaimer: All choices based on personal preferences blablabla …


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Unfortunately not a Terrorist episode …

Why does it feel like I haven’t seen Hiroki and Nowaki for such a long time? I’m supposed to be tired of these two already but I enjoyed the episode anyway. It’s just the usual Egoist pattern. Hiroki misunderstanding one of Nowaki’s actions, panicking about it and in the end, Nowaki explaining everything. The usual. (more…)

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Ah beautiful sweet Egoist! How I have missed you so! I can’t believe myself for forgetting the whole ‘name’ arc. I forgot the anime didn’t get to it yet. Okay, so there’s a bunch who dislike these two because they’re angsty and a little bit toot dramatic. But hey, it’s rare you find yaoi devoid of angst. (more…)

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I’m tired of Romantica. So much so that I can’t bring myself to write a proper post about this episode. This week’s episode is finally the end of Haruhiko’s arc. If they plan on animating Misaki’s chance meeting with Usagi-chichi, we’ll be seeing him again soon. Anyways, this was a normal episode. Nothing stood out to me much. Okay sure, Sumi harrassing Misaki was something I missed and the “MEIDO! ALEXANDER! TAMA! SEBASTIAN!” scene made me laugh. It’s one of my favorite scenes. There was a lot of cute Misaki shots as usual but nothing really out of the ordinary. (more…)

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