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Yeah. So the most fucked thing ever happened last night.

Okay, maybe it wasn’t THAT fucked but it was still really fucked. I was listening to a Drama CD as usual while lying on my bed staring at the ceiling. The drama in question is “Koi ni Inochi wo Kakeru no sa” … a YuutanxKamiyan CD. I won’t review this one since it didn’t strike me much but I’ll say one thing: Hearing Kamiyan and Yuutan together in drama was heaven. Har har. Kamiyan’s voice was a little too low in my opinion but that aside everything was fine. A great short story with yakuza involved.

Now for the fucked part.

Usually, when I finish a drama and feel sleepy I take put on a sleep timer on my iPod and play my softs playlist. I’m really not sure what happened, but the next thing I knew … I woke up and it was 2:34AM.

What woke me up? The sound of Yuutan and Kamiyan in an H-Scene.

It took me at least five minutes before realizing I was really awake and not dreaming. For a second, I was really confused but when I looked at the clock I kinda came to the conclusion I fell asleep before putting the sleep timer on my iPod … and since my playlists are always on repeat the drama repeated itself.

I don’t remember being all that tired last night and I’ve never been able to fall asleep listening to voices (Hitsuji de Oyasumi does not work on me) … Plus, sleeping with huge DJ stereo headphones isn’t all that comfy either. But considering I fell asleep, I must’ve been tired after all.

I was really freaked out then when I woke up hearing a H-scene. I’m kinda disappointed that I don’t remember what I was dreaming about before waking up too … since falling asleep to a BLCD can’t be very … euh … never mind.


Now I’m also wondering whether or not I fell asleep before the end of the drama. I listened to the ending a while ago and I knew what was happening so I presume that I fell asleep somewhere right after the end …. but I’m really surprised at how I didn’t put on my sleep timer as usual …

Either way, I’m sure waking up to an H-scene at 2:30 in the morning isn’t very good for my mental health. And since I fell asleep to the drama, I kinda remember the story by heart without really wanting to. I’ve got lines repeating itself in my mind and it’s pretty freaky since I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t know what they mean if I didn’t fall asleep. Hm … maybe I should fall asleep to drama CDs more often then … I might learn japanese faster that way ….

Oh well, anyways.

That was a little anecdote from a mentally-ill fangirl.

-stalks toshokan for Junjo 04-

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