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Yeah well, a few friends slept over at my place for the week which extended my hiatus. I’ve got one hell of a lot of torrents on µTorrent right now. My poor bandwidth.

When vacation first started, I’ve been in my room doing nothing but watch anime and blog then all of sudden I get kicked out of my hikikomori-ish life for the sun for these past two weeks. I’m tired like you can’t imagine right now and I’m sort of glad I can get back to relaxing at my desk watching anime. Sadly, I’ve caught a tan. Some people would be jealous of the fact I tan so easily but I hate it. I wish I were paler, honestly.

Anyway, after two weeks of Chinatown, bubble tea, minor shopping, La Ronde and fireworks I’m beat. After my trip to the mall, I’ll come back with some posts (namely Junjo and some more summer previews)

(The good thing about being out for so long is having a long to do list. I won’t get bored this way. HERE COMES THE MARATHON! I’M READY BRING IT ON!)


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Yesterday I went to La Ronde … which is, if you don’t live in Québec, the amusement park in Montreal. We somehow managed bringing two other people to buy a pass (we were four at first) to pay it cheaper (66.5$ plus taxes instead of 81.25$ plus taxes!) … still, my savings have been almost completely obliterated because of that. It’s hard not having a job …. and parents without nice paying jobs (my dad doesn’t even have one ==;) My friends and I were thinking of finding a job this summer. I really need to save up for Otakuthon and Junjo’s limited DVD release. Well anyways, because of La Ronde my feet hurt like hell. I am NOT going to blame it on my new (and pretty) new shoes though. Their nice black skater-shoes, btw.

The depressing thought is that I’m not on vacation yet. Man. 19 days of school left to suffer.

So onto more pressing matters than real life!

I just finished watching a Monokuro cast talk on CR (w/ Suwabe, Kamiyan and OnoD) … and it seems the single of “Awake ~my everything~” is being released the 28th of this month! HOURRAY! I’m honestly tired of listening to the short TV version. Kamiyan and OnoD are such a great duo -Kotohana no Hana flashbacks- I love how similiar and in sync their voices are. It took about five listens before finding the difference between the two >< Kamiyan has a much … “softer”? voice than Ono. So it was pretty easy to differenciate after that. Gods do I love Kamiyan’s voice ❤ I wish he had more songs. I only know of Zesshou and Awake. -sob- It’d be nice if someone could give me a holler if they know any other Kamiyan songs. (And speaking of seiyuu songs, I sure would love another Shimono Hiro song …. his little solo in Hidamari no Gate is NOT enough for me)

That said, I haven’t listened to a BLCD in a while. I promised myself to listen to Shounen Yonkei and Double Call 04 (which somehow ended up being delayed over a month) soon but with Dark Crimson and everything I’ve been going to bed later than usual and forgetting about BLCDs. I kind of don’t want to push myself to write DC in this stressed/panicked way … but I’m really enjoying myself writing so I guess its okay. About 66 or 65 days left. Even if exams come up and bother me, I should be able to finish anyway. Banzai?

Rant over. Back to waiting for Eclipse to sub Code Geass and to write a bit of DC.

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