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Forgive me in advance because I honestly don’t know how I’m supposed to write this post.

There are probably people who are going to criticize my range, but I’ll say it now. I’m writing these posts in order to appeal to what the newer fans would like and also to recommend a bunch of titles (that aren’t necessarily licensed) simply because they deserve to be read. There’s a lot of manga out there. I can’t cover them all, so I’m going to try and cover more ground by talking about the mangaka I really appreciate. (more…)

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So, I’ve been under this “I don’t want to force myself to do anything” type mood lately. It’s actually quite relaxing and I feel like I’ve gotten a huge load of my back. The nagging habit of thinking I have the responsability to post anime-related posts finally subsided. But here I am anyway, writing a post. Looks like I can’t stay away from my blog after all. (more…)

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Aah ~ I’m broke again.

Christmas has passed and so has half of my vacation. I’ve already spent every cent I’ve received for the holidays. I’m not sure whether I regret it or not. I don’t think I do. I’m actually quite happy. I probably won’t be later on though. But for the moment, I’ll enjoy my state of bliss.

(Much to my surprise, my dad bought me a frikken flatscreen for x-mas. I never expected that, considering how he’s the one complaining about the bills all the time. And yes, I’m enjoying my newfound space amd 22 inch goodness)


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So I did this marathon in a very unorganized fashion. I read bits of the manga and watched a bunch episodes in a messed up order in either English or Japanese. Even then, I can’t believe how different CCS seems to me now. It shouldn’t be a surprise but, wow. (more…)

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Mistress Fortune Chapter Two brings “Gin-chan being Gin-chan” “Kisaki’s e-cups” and a dash of drama

I woke up this morning in an abnormally good mood so I thought “something good must be happening today” and when I go on I see the scanlations for Mistress Fortune chapter two! -squeeeeeeee- I started laughing and giggling by the end of the second page. Oof, God help my heart. Arina-sensei’s manga is going to kill me one day! (more…)

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I think I made it obvious enough but Antique Bakery is the series this season I was looking forward to the most. After watching to episodes, I have to say I like it. In the first three minutes of the first of episode I was going “WTF? Where’s my comedy?!” but luckily the drama angst didn’t stay for long. (Picture Post because my brain isn’t functioning properly enough to write an actual post) (more…)

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Episode 12 brings to you “100% Usagi-san’s fault”


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Aside the increasing number of Teacher x Student manga [and even BLCDS and BL manga] I’ve been stumbling upon unknowingly, there is something else I see showing up A LOT. It’s what I’ve come to call the “sleepy kiss” due to a lack of a brain functioning properly enough to come up with something less literal and much prettier. The “sleepy kiss” is everything the name says. If words don’t speak to you maybe this will:

Chocolate Cosmos contains every possible popular Shoujo cliché you can think of!

Well, the cap doesn’t really show it but said teacher is sick and was asleep until a panel ago. Sayuki is probably going to run off and the next day show up at school with Hagi-sensei’s flu. Sensei will be there all energetic and healthy again and most probably won’t remember that he assaulted his student.

Okay, so it might not go that way completely since C.C isn’t RabuCon. Which brings me to the second person [off the top of my head] who did a “sleepy kiss”; At-chan! [or more formally known as Otani from RabuCon]

But with Otani, it was an accident more than anything so it makes much more sense than Hagi-sensei who just randomly kisses Sayuki. Then there’s this guy, whose name escapes me, from the BL manga Honey Boys Spiral! by Haruka Minami:

This one’s the worst sleepy kisser because he actually just randomly assaults someone when he wakes up.

The last person I can think of is Sano from Hana Kimi. If I’m not mistaking him for someone else, Sano has the habit of kissing people when he’s drunk right?

I’m not complaining about this. Quite the contrary actually since I find hillarious how often I’m seeing this. By the way, “sleepy kisses” aren’t the same as morning kisses to me. What I mean by “sleepy kiss” is when any said character kisses someone without really being aware of it. In most cases, said character is either drunk or sick. Anyways, just a funny thing I realized while reading Chocolate Cosmos [it’s fucked how that manga makes me remember the strangest of clichés]

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