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Thankfully, the animation finally grew on me and it was way easier to get entertained by this episode than the last. That and I haven’t watched any anime for a while because of Thanksgiving weekend and the fact I bought myself a DS (finally) and couldn’t stop myself from playing all day yesterday.

(And if you care, I’m currently playing “The World ends with You” and “Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Justice for All) (more…)

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It’s finally here! The big Fall 2008 season lineup! It wins as my longest post ever in the history of Death by Moe with it’s big 5k+ words. (more…)

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Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu


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It. Won’t. Go. Away. -dies-

(I haven’t lingered on an anime this long since … euh … I don’t know. This might be the first time, actually)

I just wrote a review about Oofuri on MAL about an hour ago and I STILL want to talk about it. Maybe listening to its ED isn’t helping me move on from this anime but really … I just can’t stop thinking about Oofuri. It might be because I finished it so quickly and I’m unsatisfied but this didn’t happen when I watched Yami no Matsuei.

That said allow me rant some more about how much I love this anime.

There are three major factors that matter to me when I choose an anime. When I look for something to watch, the cast is what I look at first. Second is the plot and third is the animation/art. As long as at least 2/3 (or 1/3 if one of them is REALLY interesting) I’ll preview it then decided whether or not I’ll continue it. I watch every genre of anime. I don’t particularly enjoy everything I watch but I’m pretty open-minded to whatever. Plus, when it comes to anime, I find everything goes.

Anyways, when to decide if I want to watch an anime or now after previewing, characters play a HUGE factor in my choice. It sometimes ends up that even though the plot is ridiculous or the animation horrible but the characters are awesome, I’ll watch the anime anyway.

I said I’m open-minded to everything right? But that’s because it’s rare I find an anime that I really love and enjoyed.

Ookiku Furikabutte is one of those rare anime.

I’ve been watching anime (seriously) for almost five years now … which really isn’t a lot compared to others (what can I say? I’m still in high school) so I can’t say I know much. Perhaps I know more than people around me in RL but here I don’t have much confidence in what I know.

Looking through the list of anime I’ve seen, I can’t recall a single time I enjoyed an anime as much as Oofuri. I’m still hooked on the Death Note fandom sure. Ouran and KKM still manages to make me squee whenever I watch it, sure. Yami no Matsuei was a masterpiece sure. Code Geass still gives me heart attacks.

But for some reason the feeling I get when watching Oofuri is different.

Oofuri isn’t a “It’s so awesome, it blew my mind away” type anime. It’s not a masterpiece. From a general point of view, I guess Oofuri is just average.

I have absolutely no idea why I’m so hooked. The characters? The plot? Really. It’s not anything exceptional. It’s just a high-school baseball story about a first-year who joins a newly formed team and develops his character throughout the series. Typical slife-of-life with sports (and some BL undertones)

Sure. Loudmouth Tajima and his “CRAP I FORGOT TO MASTERBATE!” line K’O’d me.
Sure. Mihashi’s chicken faces and funny mannerisms, plus the strange type of uke-cuteness that radiates from him makes me want to glomp him all the time.
Sure. Abe’s explosions at Mihashi who can’t express himself properly makes me laugh like hell.
Sure. Mizutani and Izumi’s bishie-ness made me squee all the time.
Sure. The third-episode confession made me fall off my chair for perfectly sane reasons.
Sure. Non-tan’s, Shimono Hiro’s, FukuJun’, Mamo’s, Yuutan’s, Yonaga’s presence contributed to my love of Oofuri.
Sure … -tte, I’ll stop now.

Maybe it’s because of all those little reasons that I enjoyed Oofuri.

Because after all … little details make the difference, right?

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Oofuri overdose.

Never thought I’d enjoy a sports anime but when the characters are this loveable I make an exception. It’s a bonus that a lot of my fav seiyuus are in here too (Non-tan, Mamo, Shimono, FukuJun and Yuutan)

My ultimate favs in Nishiura is prollu Mihashi, Abe, Tajima and Izumi. Mizutani coming right after Izumi tho’

As for why well … Mihashi for being so damn cute all the time. Don’t you feel like just glomping him?! He’s so cute when he glances nervously around like he does. Wai! Then Abe ‘cuz he’s so cool. Tajima because he eye-rapes you. Izumi for being such a bishi and Mizutani for the same reason.

GAH. They are so awesome.

I’m still confused with some of the lingo used but I got down the basics of baseball. Which is nice really ‘cuz it’ll help when I get back to Double Call.

Anyways, I’m just at episode 16 … gotta move on before I rant too much here.

(The “confession” got me hooked on this … I think it was in episode three …. It’s fun how totally and extremely slashable stuff always happens in episode three’s -points a Naruto and Nabari-)

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Three new anime for now! No screens since I’m lazy. Sorry! Anyways, I’ve S.A, Vampire Knight and Macross for now. Part Two’s going to have a little more content. I’m a tad tired and cranky since I just came from a one-night camp an hour ago. But I wanted to write something so here it is.

S.A ~Special A~

FUKUJUN! WAI! Shimono Hiro’s in this too so that’s a plus! I haven’t heard Shimono in any anime other than Tokyo Revelations and Ef. I was obsessed with any BLCD he was in for a period of time so I’m really happy to hear him in anime for once. I love his character at that. Him and Akira make one funny pair. Speaking of funny, though some of the jokes had a lack of impact I did enjoy any conversation Akira and Tadashi had, Tadashi’s entrance and the “Stay!” thing with the twins. The joke that got old too quickly was the “nii-san” joke. I found it tiring.  Back to FukuJun! I was really surprised when I first heard the voice he used for Kei in the CM/PV. I was like “OHMAIGAWD! He’s using the Lulu voice?” I also noticed how Kei’s hair look likes Lulu just … light brown instead of black. It’s like Kei’s Lulu’s normal-top-ranked-student counterpart (well, there’s also the fact that Kei is physically fit too). Plus, Kei totally pulled a Hosaka near the end … just minus the drama (during the fight when he took his shirt was open XD) … Next the OP and ED, well … no OP this week and though I was look forward to the ED because the main guys were singing it I didn’t enjoy it much. Their voices don’t really suit each other so it sounded really horrible. Oh well. I’m afraid, since this is a GONZO anime, that S.A will go downhill along the way.

Vampire Knight (minor Manga spoilers)

Very pretty eyes. Really pretty eyes. Sometimes their foreheads seem a little big but that’s just a minor detail (Yuuki at some point looked really deformed too, but that was a short 5 seconds so I let it pass). ANYWAY. I read around 10 or so chapters of Vampire Knight but since its been awhile I don’t remember any of the details of this series.  The story is basically what I remember but was there really that much hints about Zero being vampire in the beginning or is it just the anime? Well, speaking of Zero … I wouldn’t have anyone but Mamoru Miyano voice him. When I read the manga, I always thought he’d be the perfect one to voice Zero. And while I’m on seiyuus, is it me … or does FukuJun have quite a number of roles this season? His Aidou is really funny. I don’t remember him much in the manga but I really like the guy. “Bang! Bang!” Haha! One thing that one change is my dislike of Kaname. I never liked him anyway. On the other hand, I still absolutely love the chairman. I’ve always loved his type of character. Next, the OP and ED. Their both so-so for me but the ED really has a freaky vibe to it … fits the whole vampire thing tho’.

Other Notes:

– We’re not getting that whole ‘horse’ episode with Lily and Zero?!

– Highlights: “Oto-san!” and the Chairman’s desk magically getting repaired.

– Highlight: Zero talking to Lily about Yuuki’s uselessness

– My ‘NEED’ to hear Mamo in a BLCD has increased ten fold (again) … god do I love that sarcastic/angsty tone he puts on Zero.

Dude. Was the manga THIS angsty? I have feeling that the manga was a little more light-hearted. Anyways, the animation on Vampire Knight (and the EYES) is really pretty. Hopefully it doesn’t go down along the way. I won’t mind 5 second mess-ups (like Yuuki somewhere half-way through the episode) as long as the overall is fine.


Macross Frontier

Out of the three, Macross was probably the best one. I initially wasn’t interested in it but since there was a lot of people talking about it I decided to watch it. I’m glad I did … since Yuutan (Nakamura Yuuichi) is in it as the main character! Plus his chara is a bishie! Wai! Wai! The animation, music … everything about Macross was flawless. Who would’ve think I’d actually end up watching two mecha anime this season? I’m not even the mech type … since I don’t understand half the lingo. Anyways, it’s been over a day since I watched the episode so I don’t really remember much to comment on … ‘cept that I thought that the songstress was a total bitch.

For now, I’ll be continuing all three of these series. Really. This is not going well considering that everything I previewed so far are things I’m definitely watching.

My bandwith is screwed.

Hopefully the list will go down (I’ve got around 10 more series I wanna preview. 2 of which I’m definitely following; namely, Soul Eater and Nabari no Ou. The rest are all to be seen)

UKE FACE! -points-

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