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Why Kamina? Just Because.

A.A (which stands for Anime Awards) is a little item I’ll post every day until New Years for a wonderful total of thirty awards. They’re going to be short award posts for whatever it is I think up. It’s actually something I thought to do for a few months now because I knew I wouldn’t have the energy to make one huge awards post. Procrastination and laziness for the win!

Disclaimer: All of these awards are completely and totally based on my personal preferences. Deal with it.



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I wasn’t going to post this but I’d feel a sense of defeat if I skipped another guy in the rankings. I’m busy as hell with homework and ropleplaying as well as a huge list of anime to catch up too. I’m swamped and I don’t want to do. But, I’ll take the time and write this post about Miharu anyway because he deserves it. I love Miharu too much too skip him even though I haven’t found the time to watch the latest Nabari no Ou episodes. (more…)

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After finally finishing the Fall 2008 Lineup post, I’ve decided to unwind and relax for the remaining days of Summer vacation. It’s 16 days before Orientation and though it sounds like I have a lot of time left on my hands it’s really really not all that much. The days are passing me by at extreme speed and I’m just sitting at my desk doing absolutely nothing. (more…)

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Okay, so summer isn’t over yet sure but since it’s close to ending I figured I might as well do this post now. Just so you know, the Fall 2008 Lineup is moving along smoothly. Most of the information searching is over so after I write down my personal impressions I’ll be ready to post it. Well, I’m also waiting for certain news about certain series. Namely, Skip Beat. Also, not many series have their air dates released either so I’m waiting for that too. I’ll probably have it posted before the end of the month though. I wouldn’t want to have that post in the back of my mind when school starts. (more…)

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Nabari no Ou is an anime I started watching for the sake of satisfying my guilty pleasure. I never thought it’d get this good and its doing nothing but getting better. (more…)

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Yes, Shirogane. We all know.

Run! Hide! Check you insurance and if you don’t have make one quick! Write a will just for safety purposes! The apocalypse might be approaching!

Okay, maybe not. I’m just making a fuss. So anyways, I was watching Monokuro and the realization hit me. Both figuratively and literally (I should stop keeping manga in strange places, my room’s raining them). So anyways, I just went “Is it me? Or are men in anime starting to lose interest in women?” Well, at the very least, all male characters (with the exception of Toudou maybe) in Geass have already lost interest in the opposite sex. Just look at Lulu! He just lost Shirley and they let Orange-kun in. What’s his harem now? 3 women, 5 men? Or are there more I’m just forgetting? Not to mention Shirley’s death is going to be cause of the Black Knight’s downfall with Lulu going all mental and losing what little sanity he had left. Although, Suzaku isn’t any better. Kallen’s looking good in that dress at least but let’s pray she doesn’t mental too after taking the drug. It’s GSD all over again. Come on Sunrise! You can do better than that right – Oh crap, right this wasn’t a Geass post.

I mean just look at Monokuro. There are girls in them but their basically decorations. Nabari? Not a single male character in there looks like they have potential interest in females. Kumohira-sensei doesn’t count because has a wife and is only interested in her … and other than her there’s Miharu. Oh wait! There’s hope. We’ve still got Macross! Alto’s straight right? As long as Sunrise stays away from them, we’ll get a normal ending with either Sheryl or Ranka. God knows how much I don’t want to see a AltoxLuca or MikhailxAlto ending … out of doujins at least. And oh look! More hope. Toki in Amatsuki potentially likes Kuchiha right?

Alright … maybe this isn’t so hopeless after all. Back to Balett Star.

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Angsty sibling Love

Well, this episode brings an end to the whole Shimizu backstory and even had me a little teary in the end. What I don’t get is why Raikou still tried to kill Raimei in the end … I mean, what the hell for? Or maybe he wanted Raimei to kill him but that’s something I highly doubt. Unlike some other characters [Yoite!], Raikou doesn’t look like he has any desire to die. [Spoilers after the break!] (more…)

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