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Part Three! Well, part of part three at least. Nabari no Ou ended up taking up a lot of place so I gave it its own post (to not repeat my mistake with Junjo).

Nabari no Ou

I’ll be writing comments as I watch so this is all first impression without thought. I’ve read six chapters of the manga so that might influence my comments but I’ll try not to say any spoilers … not there is any significant spoilers to mention in six chapters. Anyways, here I go.

22:00 Haha! Is it me? Or is the OP about Miharu’s indifference to everything? Either way, I kinda really like the beat and rhythm of the opening. It’s really pretty. I spot YoitexMiharu slash! Personally, I prefer that pairing over KumohiraxMiharu.

21:17 WHOA!? Dude, last time I heard KugiRie’s male voice was in Riviera and it’s been a while since I’ve even played that game. What’s more is that I just finished Hayate no Gotoku 52. Man, from Nagi to Miharu is less than five minutes? Weird transition. When I read the manga, I always had Minagawa Junko do Miharu so the change is very awkward … hopefully it’ll grow on me throughout the episode

20:27 Haha! KugiRie and SatoHino pair! ‘Cept this time their both males. This is going to take some getting used to … KouichixMiharu isn’t so bad either. Not at all.

19:41Kumohira-sensei 4tw man!

17:25 Miharu you win. Really. Nothing beats your adorable face. -dies- I dub ye cutest uke of the season. It’s fun how he all of a sudden accused Kumohira of “targeting him” and the way Kumohira suddenly backed away is like saying “HOW DID YOU KNOW?!” (well, technically, he IS targeting Miharu, but that’s to join the club) …

15:55 No. Really. Miharu you win. King of Nabari. King of Indifference. King of Sarcasm. I love you. Nabari aside, he’s practically my copy. Too bad I can’t be as cute as Miharu … wish I had a little brother like him at least. I’d glomp with 25 times a day.

14:54 Way to go Miharu! That’s right! Use your adorable looks as an advantage! Waaaai! ❤ Okay, I swear this’ll be my last comment about Miharu’s cuteness. I SWEAR … I think. It’s not my fault he does so many cute things. If I ignored it, it’s … I don’t know … against fangirlism.

11:12 Oh the drama! I’d be surprised. But I read the manga … so no surprise here.

4:56 I don’t know why but Nabari no Ou kinda reminds me of Kyo Kara Maoh! just with ninjas and more serious mood. Miharu is definitely much cuter and better than Yuuri tho’ and Kumohira-sensei is a much cooler guy than Conrad will ever be.

3:52 O_O …

(The music made this scene ten times more dramatic than it would’ve been. But damn. This show is like a slash landmine. I’m so happy at the amount of slashable anime this season … At least I won’t be bored like last season!)

((Sensei’s married?! *stares at ring* O_O))

3:03 *slaps forehead* That’s nice Miharu. This guy just pledge his life to you and leave without a second thought. But that’s alright! I know you really care inside >< You indifferent little beast you!

2:28 I don’t really remember what exactly happened in the manga but I’m pretty sure it was differentthan the anime. Anyways, Miharu’s disappearing abilities are awesome. Wish I had ’em … *changes subject* I want Yoite T_T

ED: In contrast to the OP, the ED is pretty soft. I still like it though but I prefer the OP.

Next Episode: Raimei enters the stage!

Overall Thoughts:

Despite this being a ninja-anime, I honestly have no reason to compare to Naruto. There’s not much in common the ninjas aside. Well, maybe you can count Naruto and Miharu both having something abominable inside them (Kyuubi and Shirabansho respectively) … but that’s about it. If I had to compare Nabari no Ou to something I’d honestly compare it to Kyo Kara Maoh … which sounds fucked when I say it, but when you think about it it makes sense. Kinda.

Okay, my list of things to watch this season is NOT going down much. I still haven’t previewed Kure-Nai, BLASSREITERS, Allison to Lillia, Neo Angelique ~Abyss~, Amtasuki, Monochrome Factor, Zettai Karen Child and Kamen no Maid Guy …

Out of those, Allison to Lillia is probably the only one I’ll continue to follow. Kure-Nai also has a chance but just a little. I’m still going to try and preview the rest just to make myself a fixed list for this season.

What I’m sure to blog every week is Code Geass and Junjo Romantica. The rest I might make posts about once and a while.


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