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Today was a … unexpectedly … good day. It was bright and sunny outside, I had fun at school for once [since exams are over classes are just a formality now] and I come home to great news of Scarlet having a two-disk freetalk! One CD for Hatano and Suzuki Chihiro and the other for SugiTomo and Yuutan! I love you Atis collection! SO DAMN MUCH! Every Atis CD I listen to has me going “BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL PRICELESS!” Shinayaka na Netsujo, Kotonoha no Hana, Honey, Love Neco … Ironic? They are all my favs! Yeah, don’t get me started on KnH again because I can’t rant for ages about how beautiful that CD was.

Back to scarlet. After learning from a certain post in this blog that SugiTomo and Yuutan were pretty close friends, I’ve been squeeing over the two. It’s unfortunate that I have to wait until August to get my SugiTomoxYuutan though. I comforted myself with seeing Yuutan in the Oofuri Event DVD.

Well, since I started on BLCDs I might as well continue [not that this post had a point from the beginning]. So I recently decided to give Big gun o Motsu Otoko a re-listen. Since you probably don’t know about it, I’ll explain.

Left to right, top to bottom: Tomo, Jin, Masaki, Yosh, Rei (more…)

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Midorikawa Hikaru x Miki Shinnichirou
Narita Ken x Kishio Daisuke
Morikawa Toshiyuki x Sakurai Takahiro
Horiuchi Kenyuu x Kamiya Hiroshi


After a good two months, I finally got around to listening to Shounen Yonkei. I was attracted to this drama for merely the pairings and because I heard quite a bit about it. I wasn’t sure what it was about though so I got really curious. After downloading it though, it wasted away in storage until I remembered it some few days ago. I listened to it and felt like bawling right after.

Shounen Yonkei is a two CD drama and in each CD there are two stories. Each story is a separate all of different but treating the same theme. I really loved the whole feel this drama gave off and I agree with the seiyuus when they said that it didn’t really feel like BL, so to speak. Sure, it WAS BL and there was smex. But there’s something about this drama that makes it feel so real that you don’t even think its BL anymore. The running theme was something like “separation” but not really “separation” in itself. Well, the first story with MikiShin and Midorin was fairly happy though. I don’t remember the stories perfectly since I was sort of multi-tasking when I was listening to this but they were all pretty sad.

The first story with Midorin and MikiShin was a story where Midorin’s character was MikiShin’s character’s dog. The second was with a two childhood friends running away after one them killed someone (?) The third was happening during a war and Sakurai’s character was a foreigner who loved Japan and MoriMori and military man who hated it. Finally, the fourth is a story where Kamiya’s character goes on some sort of road trip with Horiuchi’s character until the gas runs out.

The third and fourth were the ones I remembered to be most touching. I haven’t heard Sakupyon in a while so that might be at fault but it was a really sad story. Oh, did I mention how all of these stories have extremely open endings? The fourth was real sad though I’m not sure of its context. Kamiya’s crying had me going really but I guess it doesn’t beat NojiKen’s performance in Nejireta Edge.

As for the H-Scenes, having treated four pairings there’s good number of them but they are definitely not the main attraction. This is a definitely a drama to listen to if you’re expecting some tears and story. I really recommend it because it’s an absolute beauty. I haven’t heard anything like it.

Its beauty is different from Kotohana no Hana’s beauty but beauty is beauty just the same. (Four beauties in a phrase? Oh my)

((You know what I need?! I need a rating system … -grumbles off to think of one-))

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Mah. Gawd.

I’m having Scythe and SuzuKen overload lately. Actually, super DAI DAI DAAAAAIIIII Suzu overload its probably what’s affecting Scythe’s personality. Ryutaros is so adorable. I think I’m going to collapse. Gun Form is so AWESOME!!!! Next is Ura-chan because of Yusa ❤

Yeah. I did this poll thingy tho’ that basically ranks male seiyuus according to your preferences. I got 10 number ones so I basically concluded they were my top ten.

1 櫻井孝宏 (Sakurai Takahiro)
2 下野紘 (Shimono Hiro)
3 鈴村健一 (Suzumura Kenichi)
4 諏訪部順一 (Suwabe Junichi)
5 中村悠一 (Nakamura Yuuichi)
6 成田剣 (Narita Ken)
7 野島健児 (Nojima Kenji)
8 福山潤 (Fukuyama Jun)
9 保志総一朗 (Hoshi Souichirou)
10 遊佐浩二 (Yusa Kouji)

It’s ALMOST perfectly accurate. Yusa and FukuJun should arrive after Yuutan tho’. Suwabe would go before NariKen and Kamiyan after Suzu. I’m also kinda sad Mamo didn’t get in. Ishida was pretty close too tho’ and Miyu Irino too.

Basically …

1 Sakupyon, 2 Shimono, 3 Suzu, 4 Kamiyan, 5 Yuutan, 6 FukuJun, 7 Yusa, 8 Suwabe, 9 NariKen and 10 NojiKen
The poll is pretty long tho’ T_T but it was fun so yeah.

Here’s a Chara Sheet (sketched) of Scythe. I was bored and drew in in history. Really, Suzu overload’s made it so that every time I write its Suzu’s voice I hear on Scythe. T_T Srry, NojiKen. Tho’ now it makes it more fun ‘cuz Kira’s voiced by Sakurai still in my mind. Four chapters of DC are already written while I’m at it. XD

Here’s Kira while I’m at it. I kinda made him a little too skinny but … wtv. Kira is love. Suzu and Sakupyon is love. BL is love. BANZAI!

(Just finished Shounen Yonkei. I’ll rant about it tomorrow. But I’ll say this … it was the prettiest thing I’ve heard in a while. How the FUCK did MikiShin and Midorin not get on my top ten again?! CRAP)

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