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An award that requires no introduction; best Openings of the year award! Oh yeah, this is a formality, but I wanted to do this one even though it’d take hours to decide. There was a lot of openings to get through and it was difficult to choose a favorite for certain seasons but I survived. Somehow. Moving on,

Disclaimer: All choices based on personal preferences blablabla …



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It’s been ages but I finally got round to finishing Natsume. I’ve gotta to say I really love this anime. It would’ve been smarter for me to finish it while it was airing but I was busy. Well, since it’s winter already, the whole summer atmosphere felt out of place for me. I’m shivering at my desk right now. Sigh. At least I got it done in time for the second season. (more…)

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Okay, so summer isn’t over yet sure but since it’s close to ending I figured I might as well do this post now. Just so you know, the Fall 2008 Lineup is moving along smoothly. Most of the information searching is over so after I write down my personal impressions I’ll be ready to post it. Well, I’m also waiting for certain news about certain series. Namely, Skip Beat. Also, not many series have their air dates released either so I’m waiting for that too. I’ll probably have it posted before the end of the month though. I wouldn’t want to have that post in the back of my mind when school starts. (more…)

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I cleaned my desk (and entire room) … It’s all shiny now! I wonder how long it’ll last though.

My brain has started functioning again! Right on time for the next Antique Bakery episode which I’ve finally decided to watch subbed for the sake of the sweets (otherwise it’ll be a Chocolatier replay where I have no idea what the sweets/chocolate is called) but I have to wait a while before it comes out.

For updates:

I haven’t done much substantial blogging lately. Anyways, I’m dropping Geass since it’s becoming a pain to blog that show so now I’ve only got Antique Bakery on my list. I’m thinking of blogging another series as well and most likely it’ll be Natsume Yuujincho … but that might not fall through cause I’m pretty much behind on everything I’m watching and won’t have time to blog much.

The main reason being I started playing Maple Story again and I’m off to play after I finish this post. If I remember, I’m going to do my full Balett Star review later. That drama CD really was pure gold and the second series is looking good as well.

Lastly, my trip to Kingston is apparently canceled because my aunt isn’t available. Hurray! I can go to the Con now. ❤

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Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu


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It’s the end of the season and the beginning of another! Well, not much this season I’m interested in. Which is a good thing for my hardrive and banwidth though but not a good thing for the boredom I’m surely going to encounter this summer.

Chocolate Underground (June 12th)

Chocolate Underground is an anime produced by Production I.G based off/spinned off a novel by british author Alex Shearer’s Bootleg. The premise is something close to Library War (also produced by Production I.G) with chocolate replacing books. From what I managed to dig up, its currently being streamed on Yahoo!JP and is only available to residents of Japan. That is all I managed to find really. I’d love it if someone could fill me in the details of this anime since I interested in it. (official site)

My first impressions here. (more…)

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