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There’s a lot of confusion about whether or not Junjo Romantica’s going to end at 12 episodes or not. I DID say that they were just going to take a break and air the remaining 12 episodes at a later date but I’m not so sure about that anymore. A lot of things are pointing towards Junjo ending this week. Plus, there’s other freaky rumors flying about but I highly doubt it’s true so I won’t bother writing it.

Anyways, I guess we’ll find out what’s really going on after episode 12 itself airs. But with the way things look, there’s a lot of chances this week is Junjo’s last.

Here’s the trailer for episode 12: CLICK HERE

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As everyone probably knows by now, Inuyasha is FINALLY over. And I just LOL’d the entire way. The ending is everything everyone expected it to be but if by chance you don’t want to be spoiled don’t read just skip to the next paragraph.

  • It’s three years after the whole fight. Sango’s about to give birth to her third child [with Miroku] and we see Kaede with Rin.
  • Miroku and Inuyasha are out killing youkai as per requests and then return to the village where Sango just gave birth to a baby boy.
  • Three years ago, the well disappeared in a pillar of light. The well did re-appear in another pillar of light but Inuyasha was the only one to return. [PILLAR?! WTF?! LOLXD]
  • In the present era, Kagome is graduating. She recalls the events of three years ago. Inuyasha and Kagome both appeared at the well in the present era but Inuyasha disappeared back into the well. The ell has since then not connected to the past.
  • Eh, Shippo’s growing up to be a fine fox.
  • Stuff happens, and Kagome gets the well to work and is reunited with Inuyasha. [anyone surprised? No? I didn’t think so]
  • Back to the present, Souta’s in high school. He reveals that Kagome left to get married as soon she graduated.
  • Kohaku’s trainning with Totosai.
  • Kagome’s learning to make medicine and purification crap with Kaede.
  • Sesshomaru appears and Kagome calls him “Oniisan!” [LOLXD] … Sesshy is still a lolicon with the firm intention of taking Rin for his own as soon as she grows some boobs.
  • And they lived happily ever after

I thought Inuyasha was shounen, what’s up with the totally shoujo ending? Not that Inuyasha could’ve ended any other way after 558 chapters. (Yeah, just so you know, I never read any of the 557 preceding chapters lol)

In other news Oofuri [ookiku furikabutte], my all-time favorite anime (despite the fact I don’t know crap about baseball), just got liscensed by Funimation. I just laughed at the thought of hearing Tajima’s line in english and is there anyone who can possible make a better chicken than Yonaga? The thought makes me laugh and cry at the same time. But the real reason I want to cry …

“Big Windup!” … -collapse- That is horrible. That’s just REALLY horrible. I know they can’t keep “Ookiku Furikabutte” but still, WHAT THE FUCK is “Big Windup”? I know there’s a lot of ways to translate “Ookiku Furikabutte” and most of them don’t sound very appealing honestly.

Wouldn’t it be much more comfortable to leave Oofuri as a title?

Just read over at Random Curiosity that the themes for ZnT’s third season is “love” and “ero” … I LOL’d. Wasn’t “love and ero” always the themes in Znt? Because I never really saw a plot that made sense. Well, in both seasons they just squeezed the plot in the end. First season had fanservice for more than than half the episodes and the second season focused on the lesbian girl’s back story more than the actual plot. Why am I watching this anime again?

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