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Part Three! Well, part of part three at least. Nabari no Ou ended up taking up a lot of place so I gave it its own post (to not repeat my mistake with Junjo).

Nabari no Ou

I’ll be writing comments as I watch so this is all first impression without thought. I’ve read six chapters of the manga so that might influence my comments but I’ll try not to say any spoilers … not there is any significant spoilers to mention in six chapters. Anyways, here I go.

22:00 Haha! Is it me? Or is the OP about Miharu’s indifference to everything? Either way, I kinda really like the beat and rhythm of the opening. It’s really pretty. I spot YoitexMiharu slash! Personally, I prefer that pairing over KumohiraxMiharu.

21:17 WHOA!? Dude, last time I heard KugiRie’s male voice was in Riviera and it’s been a while since I’ve even played that game. What’s more is that I just finished Hayate no Gotoku 52. Man, from Nagi to Miharu is less than five minutes? Weird transition. When I read the manga, I always had Minagawa Junko do Miharu so the change is very awkward … hopefully it’ll grow on me throughout the episode

20:27 Haha! KugiRie and SatoHino pair! ‘Cept this time their both males. This is going to take some getting used to … KouichixMiharu isn’t so bad either. Not at all.

19:41Kumohira-sensei 4tw man!

17:25 Miharu you win. Really. Nothing beats your adorable face. -dies- I dub ye cutest uke of the season. It’s fun how he all of a sudden accused Kumohira of “targeting him” and the way Kumohira suddenly backed away is like saying “HOW DID YOU KNOW?!” (well, technically, he IS targeting Miharu, but that’s to join the club) …

15:55 No. Really. Miharu you win. King of Nabari. King of Indifference. King of Sarcasm. I love you. Nabari aside, he’s practically my copy. Too bad I can’t be as cute as Miharu … wish I had a little brother like him at least. I’d glomp with 25 times a day.

14:54 Way to go Miharu! That’s right! Use your adorable looks as an advantage! Waaaai! ❤ Okay, I swear this’ll be my last comment about Miharu’s cuteness. I SWEAR … I think. It’s not my fault he does so many cute things. If I ignored it, it’s … I don’t know … against fangirlism.

11:12 Oh the drama! I’d be surprised. But I read the manga … so no surprise here.

4:56 I don’t know why but Nabari no Ou kinda reminds me of Kyo Kara Maoh! just with ninjas and more serious mood. Miharu is definitely much cuter and better than Yuuri tho’ and Kumohira-sensei is a much cooler guy than Conrad will ever be.

3:52 O_O …

(The music made this scene ten times more dramatic than it would’ve been. But damn. This show is like a slash landmine. I’m so happy at the amount of slashable anime this season … At least I won’t be bored like last season!)

((Sensei’s married?! *stares at ring* O_O))

3:03 *slaps forehead* That’s nice Miharu. This guy just pledge his life to you and leave without a second thought. But that’s alright! I know you really care inside >< You indifferent little beast you!

2:28 I don’t really remember what exactly happened in the manga but I’m pretty sure it was differentthan the anime. Anyways, Miharu’s disappearing abilities are awesome. Wish I had ’em … *changes subject* I want Yoite T_T

ED: In contrast to the OP, the ED is pretty soft. I still like it though but I prefer the OP.

Next Episode: Raimei enters the stage!

Overall Thoughts:

Despite this being a ninja-anime, I honestly have no reason to compare to Naruto. There’s not much in common the ninjas aside. Well, maybe you can count Naruto and Miharu both having something abominable inside them (Kyuubi and Shirabansho respectively) … but that’s about it. If I had to compare Nabari no Ou to something I’d honestly compare it to Kyo Kara Maoh … which sounds fucked when I say it, but when you think about it it makes sense. Kinda.

Okay, my list of things to watch this season is NOT going down much. I still haven’t previewed Kure-Nai, BLASSREITERS, Allison to Lillia, Neo Angelique ~Abyss~, Amtasuki, Monochrome Factor, Zettai Karen Child and Kamen no Maid Guy …

Out of those, Allison to Lillia is probably the only one I’ll continue to follow. Kure-Nai also has a chance but just a little. I’m still going to try and preview the rest just to make myself a fixed list for this season.

What I’m sure to blog every week is Code Geass and Junjo Romantica. The rest I might make posts about once and a while.


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Code Geass r2 – 02

Having watched this episode on my iPod, I don’t have screens at the moment. Knowing myself, I probably won’t come back to this post to put screens.

The excitement has cooled down a bit so I’m less “kya kya” over geass now. Which is good because everyone around me is tired of my squeeing.

Episode Two in a Nutshell:

We finally find out what happened on Kaminejima. Basically, Suzaku and Lulu shot each other and they both missed. Kallen runs away allowing Suzaku to capture Lulu and bring him to the Emperor (whose seiyuu, Wakamoto Norio never lets me take a scene seriously) who has a GEASS that allows him to re-create memories. Suzaku then asks to join the Knights of Round … and does. The Emperor then completely re-fabricates Lulu’s memories. Erasing his mother, Nunnally .. everything …

Honestly, I wanted to stangle Suzaku so much in this scene. He’s being totally irrational! He’s become completely … what … emotionless?! Great, the chances of seeing him crossdress again is virtually slim to none now.

The flashback ends and return to Lulu and C.C. (who says it is not her who gave the emperor the GEASS). Obviously, Nunnally’s location is still unknown, but if she’s still with V.V then they’re both obviously with the emperor right? Yeah. I’m sticking to that theory.

Lulu then realizes that Rollo is NOT his brother. Well, we all knew from the start that they weren’t so that’s not a surprise. I still say the emperor sent him to keep an eye on Lulu. While Lulu ponders Rollo’s identity, there’s short cut to Rollo who bumps into some Britannia soldiers. After that short cut we’re back to Lulu who is conveniently found by a soldier with Knightmare. GEASS! POW! And we’ve got our stolen mech. Yep, I did NOT see that one coming at all.

Cut to the Governor at the Chinese Federation (I think?). The Governor (whose name I can’t remember) decides to go battlefield. We are then graced by Lulu’s strategic abilities and serious first season deja vu.

Bunny Girl Kallen then visites Lulu to SHOOT HIM?! No … to CONFESS! Well no … but it’s close.

Dun! Flash to the Emperor taking Suzaku to some … temple? NO, fuck. It’s a WEAPON? Dude, I’m confused. And it’s really hard to take Wakamoto seriously. I really want to just laugh whenever I hear him. Really. Even you wouldn’t take him seriously after listening to Oyasumi de Hitsuji.

Back to Lulu and Kallen. Kallen asks Lulu if he used the Geass to play with her heart and he replies that he didn’t. Kallen believes him but tells him that the one she believes is Zero not Lelouch. Wow. Problems much? Lulu indifferently replies and then makes Kallen realize she’s STILL in a bunny suit. Really, how can you NOT realize you’re wearing that? And Kallen … keeping you Shiki’s key between your boobs is NOT safe (yep, I said this already but I say it again because it bothers me)

Random cut to the Ashford students and back to Britannia who brought in reinforcements but Lulu’s already sure he’s won. What is he going to do? I already guessed.

And like how Suzaku came out of nowhere in the Lancelot in season 1, there’s is, once again, another irregular (in a suit that fucking TELEPORTS!)

You know … I think I must be a REAL idiot to not have realized who it was sooner. But okay … I can mistakes sometimes too.

So, Lulu starts panicking a bit but Urabe and Kallen defend him. In other to gain time for Lulu’s escape plan, Urabe acts a diversion and is sacrificed.

BOOM! Yep, I was right. Lulu’s explodes the building (which at the same time kills the governor). Talk about killing two birds with one stone.

*inserts Lulu’s manic laugh* -gigglesnort-

That guy with the ponytail and glasses (the one who was always with Cornelia) temporarily takes command and Lulu broadcasts a message on the media. (I’m guessing C.C had his outfit) Britannia is surprised. Suzaku is surprised. The population is surprised and Diethard is happy.

Flash to the Knights of Round (who are watching Lulu’s message) Suzaku is more or less indifferent. Fuck him. It’s going to take a while before I start liking Suzaku again … I’ve lost complete hope in him, honestly.

Lulu then announces the formation of the United States of Japan (Eclipse subs). Now, I wonder where he got that name. And really, a country with one room? That must be the SMALLEST country on Earth.

YAY! Midorikawa talks. (I can’t remember his character’s name)

Oh my God … ROLLO?!


I’m disappointed in myself for not realizing sooner, really. But damn he’s GOT SKILLS! And a fucking GEASS. Way to end an episode Sunrise! You and your fucking cliffhangers. I demand next sunday NAO!

I believe every character has now been introduced with Nunnally aside. Well, they didn’t all speak but we got the cameos. On the second episode, the quality is still upheld. The animation is flawless and I still love the music. The OP and ED has now officially grown on me as well. I must say that the pacing of this episode was real awesome too … despite the many similarities to season one. Sunrise, mind trying something new? Or maybe they’re afraid of fucking up.

Next Episode Preview:

Back in Ashford so I’m expecting SOME light-hearted moments. From the preview, it seems like were going to focus on Rollo’s identity.

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We wish we can go back to another time.
Like an easy to remember Chorus of a song
Repeating; over and over
Soft Ivory skin, wrapped in soft velvet cloth
Slowly; slipping away
You drown down your sorrows into the depths of your heart. Running away …

Regret. Guilt.

Self-Justification; a noble cause for a ‘Better’ world?

The lonely path of Carnage is a long and painful one. A life of lies and hidden truths. Driven by a single purpose, you’ll one day lose track of.


When it is too late,
the Agony will be too much to bear.
You will discard it away. You will abandon it.
Pretend it never happened. Then,
you too will believe your own lies

Everything is lost.


written by: Deandra Lily (Diane-N)

inspired from; Code GEASS: Hangyaku no Lelouch

Call this my way of celebrating the fact that R2 is airing soon.

I was re-watching Code Geass to put make me remember everything again and I felt like writing this after the seeing the last episode again. Damn. I saw it once but it still ‘shocked’ me when I watched it again.

Lulu and Suzaku facing off like that … the gunshot … C.C’s words at the end.

The first time I watched it, I had originally thought they wanted to imply Lulu’s death but that, of course, can’t be. There’s a second season after all!

There is a HUGE possibility that Lulu’s probably forgot about many and/or all the events of the first season. I was kind of hoping that wouldn’t happen but it seems almost 100% sure now. -cries- It’d explain why Zero’s gone missing and what FukuJun meant by “Lelouch is back where he started… in a lot of ways.”

Anyways, that rumor is what made the ending to the poem. I wonder if what caused his memory loss was the explosion from the sakuradite or maybe C.C did something.

Speaking of Sakuradite, how the hell could Suzaku, Kallen and Lulu escape it alive?! Unless it didn’t explode at all … man, the tension is killing me.

R2 takes ONE WHOLE YEAR after the events of the first season. One hell of a lot of crap must’ve happened in that year. Like where the hell did Rollo pop out from and why did he have to replace Rival and become the motorcycle guy? I liked Rival. -cries-

ANDOH! Lulu has longer hair. Even if it’s only just a little, it sure makes him cute. He looks like such a good guy now! Which is even more proof to the fact that he might’ve lost his memory. (yeah, I’m still complaining)

Anyways, I don’t want to make myself even more excited for R2 than I am already so I’ll stop here.

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Sorry, double post.

I was going to put this in the same post as the previous one but I decided to just make another post.


Last night, I had a hard time falling asleep so I decided to listen to a BLCD and found ‘Kotonoha no Hana’, a Drama released Feb.28 … so it’s still pretty new.

余村和明 : 神谷浩史
長谷部修一 : 小野大輔

This is a Ono Daisuke x Kamiya Hiroshi … yum. Kamiyan plays the uke “Yomura Kazuaki” and OnoD plays the seme “Hasebe Shuichi”
Sypnosis: Ever since an incident three years ago, Yomura Kazuaki has been able to read people minds. Since then, he’s become distrustful and distant with others while hating himself for his own ability. One day, he accidentally hears a co-worker’s thoughts, Hasebe Shuichi, and learns that Hasebe likes him.

Actually, the term used in the Drama is “kokoro no koe” which literally translates to “Heart’s voice”. Yomura can’t control his ability properly and so he hears other people’s thoughts whether he likes it or not.

There are two CDs for this drama and both are awesome in all possible ways. The plot itself is already interesting, but the whole package was just so emotional and beautiful. Besides, anything with Kamiyan in it is bound to make me happy.

The first CD is mostly the ‘getting together’ part of the story while the second CD focuses on Yomura dealing with (SPOILERS) losing his ability to hear people thoughts. He lost this ability right after becoming an ‘official’ couple with Hasebe. (END SPOILERS)

As for the ending, I kind of -HALF-expected it. I mean, we all know Yomura and Hasebe ends up together … but that wasn’t what I was thinking about. After some events in the second CD you start wondering “Is he getting it back or not?!”, I was thinking so hard about it. Honestly, I thought he would be getting it back but I wanted to hope he wouldn’t because it would make a better more realistic end. I’m glad I was wrong. He didn’t get it back!

At any rate, everything about this drama was simple beautiful. I enjoyed it so much it’s not my favorite Drama with Shinayakana Netsujou and Junjo Romantica right behind it.

And now for a short rant about the H-Scenes … … If I remember correctly, there was three or four H-scenes in total; two in the first and one or two in the second. With Kamiyan in it, there’s no possible way I could’ve NOT enjoyed it. I absolutely love uke-Kamiyan, but then again, I still haven’t heard any of his seme roles. I plan to, though … one day. As for M.Seme, well, I’m an uke-lover so I don’t really know what to say … but, OnoD’s character’s thoughts (which were read by Yomura during) were so honest it was adorable. I could only imagine what Yomura was feeling. I mean seriously, hearing your partner’s thoughts while having sex? That MUST be weird. /END RANT

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