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I think I made it obvious enough but Antique Bakery is the series this season I was looking forward to the most. After watching to episodes, I have to say I like it. In the first three minutes of the first of episode I was going “WTF? Where’s my comedy?!” but luckily the drama angst didn’t stay for long. (Picture Post because my brain isn’t functioning properly enough to write an actual post) (more…)

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Even if there’s a current lack of subbed new KKM, I decided to start watching it anyway.

I remember, in my old blog, writing “If season doesn’t give me more Wolfy I’mma shoot someone” Man do I love it when my wishes come true. I mean really, not even three minutes in the show (30 seconds if you disregard the OP, which is kinda nice) Wolfram is decided to be Maoh after Yuuri. WHOA?!

But really … I wonder what is it about KKM that’s struck me so much. I keep on comparing ever other BL or Slashable anime I’m watching to it. Maybe because in all its episodes KKM’s covered every possible BL stereotype I can think of.

Okay. One thing I’m pissed about right now is how I don’t understand ANYTHING. In the midst of the all the fun and games, something big’s going on.

What did Wolfy leave for? Why the hell is Wolfy even decided to be next maoh already anyway? WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON!?

I demand answers. NAO!

But before that .. maybe I should watch the two last OVAs of KKM before continuing.

Another thing to be pissed about, Wolfy being kinda cold to Yuuri. T_T WHY?! WHY?! NAZE DA?!?!

I haven’t had this much question marks pop into my head since Touka Gettan. I hate not knowing anything.

OMG. Look, I already couldn’t handle Suzaku becoming an asshole so please don’t become an asshole too Wolfy. And I DO hope he meant Yuuri when he said there’s only one true maoh.

Maaaan, whenever Wolfy acts all serious … he actually makes me remember he’s over 80 years old.

(Is it normal for me to still be lingering on what Yuuri’s mom bought for Wolfy? I REALLY WANT TO KNOW …)

EDIT: Just finished watched KKM! 79, 80 and 81. Man was I happy to see much Wolfy. Plus it seems I’ll get some more since episode 82 is called “Greta to Yuuram” … YUURAM?! I MEANS SRSLY?! WOOOOW! I don’t care anymore. Their canon and I won’t have anyone say otherwise.

BTW, Yuuri’s mom gave Wolfy another pink nightgown. I wonder why KKM didn’t get into my TOP BL RELATED THINGS … anyways, it’s definitely went up a bit (maybe 12 or 11 now)

Yeah, I now I’m updating this post in the middle of nowhere but I just HAD to rant. I’ve now remembered what made me devour all 78 episodes of KKM in a week now.

The three lesbians has become a foursome?! No really. What the fuck are they doing adding another maid? WTV. Now they all squee whenever Yuuri and Wolfram’s relationship progresses a bit.

I still hate Greta. But Papa-mode Yuuri is very amusing.

Yeah. I missed you too Gunter.

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Remember when I said Nabari no Ou was the most slashable series this season? (more…)

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Code Geass R2 – 01

After months of waiting its finally here! R2! I was kind of afraid that it wouldn’t live up to the first series … but, if it continues this way, my worries would be useless. Why? Well, the first episode ROCKED! My only complaint … the entire episode was practically an exact replica of the first episode of the first season, with minor differences of course and that kind-faced Lulu was so damn short-lived. Then again, I don’t think anyone but me is complaining about kind-faced Lulu. – (more…)

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Weiss Remeberance
by; Deandra Lily

Author’s Notes:
Written quickly without a second thought in about an hour. I DID say I was just writing this for the pure fun of it so don’t expect something consistent. In my previous post (poster two minutes before this one) I reviewed the BLCD “Tsuyogari” … Shinayakana Netsujo 3 and DEADLOCK coming soon!


 (click here for prelude)

Chapter One

He sat down and started playing. Barely a minute into song, people started gathering around him with interest. Every now and then giving him a few coins.

Across vast and endless plains
over mountains and deserted forests
under the moon, floating above the surface
in hot flames I burn, it aches, it hurts
the rain is falling, blinding my sight
still, I go on
Where are you?

The gathered crowd applauded. The poor man bowed and walked away. The villagers went back to work.He look down at his earnings. It was enough for a cheap room and dinner. He smiled wearily. It’s been a while since he’s played for people this generous.

After asking a random villager for directions to the nearest INN, he headed for the directed building to rent a room for the night.

It’s been two years. Too long and futile years. Deep down, he knew he wouldn’t find her. Oh, he knew. He knew it so well it hurt sometimes. Still, he wasn’t going to stop. He doesn’t know what he’s looking for, but he’ll keep searching till he does.

“Oh, sorry.” he apologizing when he absentmindedly bumped into a young girl.

“Ah, it’s oka-”



“Deandra!” Tori exclaims making the young girl turn around.

The man beside the young girl gave Tori a strange look before turning to his companion who Tori thought to be Deandra.

“D’you know him?”

The girl shook her head. “No.”

Tori walked drunkenly towards the girl. The depth of his hopelessness and fatigue (as well as his insanity) showing in his green lobes. Two years of aimless travel did not do him well. He couldn’t even hear that the girl denied being Deandra.

Tori put his hand on her shoulder and sunk in unconsciousness. “De … andra …”


“Is the new song done?” Mirielle asked leaning on the bar table.

“Yeah.” Korin answers waving the music sheets around.

“Good! There’s three hours before the concert. Let’s have enough practice done to perform it.”

James stopped his drumming exercices. “Eh?! In THREE hours?”

Mirielle smirked. “I don’t care how. Just get it done.”


“Thank you. Now, get on with it. Lauren fix the mic, Korin get your ass up and James stop sulking.”

The phone rang. James got up to get it but when stopped when Mirielle glared at him saying “Practice now. I’ll get the phone.”

Acknowledging defeat, he sat back at his drums. Lauren laughed at him and Korin started tuning his guitar.


“Ah, Mir? It’s me, Lina.”

“Oh hey! It’s been a while. What’s up?” Mirielle greeted happily at the sound of her best friend’s voice.

“Great. Well, actually not so much … There’s kind of a problem.”

The brunette, noticing Alina’s tone, put on a serious face and turned away from the boys. “Details, now.”


When the lunch bell rang, Alina left the classroom and headed for Azure Lake. On peaceful days like this, the teacher enjoyed watching lunch under a tree while watching the water’s surface.

Unlike Rianne or Tori, Alina didn’t have any problem with visiting Deandra’s death place. She remembered, the first they had all come here together after her friend’s death, Rianne had burst into tears and Tori made a huge mark on one of the trees that, to this day, still remains. Honestly, the two were acting like a pair of parents who lost their daughter. Except that Rianne and Tori didn’t have that kind of relationship.

“I wonder what those two are doing right now.”

Neither Alina, Mirielle, Lauren, James or even Korin has had any contact with the two runaways since their departure. It was difficult to swallow but, Tori and Rianne weren’t children. The two would come back to them one day, Alina was sure of that.

When she arrived at the lake, there was someone already there. A little girl.

Alina blinked. What was a little girl like her doing here?

“Hey you!”

The girl turned around. She looked no older than 10 years old. “Ueh?”

“What’s a little girl like you doing here?” Alina asked as kindly as she can.

The little girl flushed away. “I-I don’t know.”

“What’s your name?”

“I don’t know.”

“Where are you from?”

“I don’t know.”

The girl started crying, as if hit by unwanted reality. Alina panicked. “C-calm down! Shush there. There’s nothing wrong now. Stop crying, please?”

“Where’s Mama?”


“Deandra! Where’s Mama? Don’t leave me! Please don’t. I don’t want to be alone anymore!” The girl started bawling harder. Alina shushed her and calmed the child as much as she could. Before long, the girl fell asleep.

“… Deandra”

Perplexed, Alina carried the girl on her back and brought her to her room. After lying the girl on her bed, she dialed Mirielle’s number.


Mirielle didn’t tell the boys anything. If she did, they wouldn’t be able to concentrate on their concert. She was going to wait until it was over.

Give into temptation
the sweet taste of blood
Petals on the water surface
Blades of Queen
cut my skin …

my sweet, my sweet

The manager sighed. This was the first time she wanted the concert to end quickly. Usually, she would enjoy watching Lauren rocking up the stage and getting everyone fired up with his voice but this time … she was bothered. And when Mirielle is bothered, its no fun matter.

When can I stop running from the dark?
return to light
start breathing again
my heart is frozen cold
and only you can melt the ice
make roses red again
brush the petals against my skin

Wow. Korin’s lyrics get more depressing by song. I need to get him a therapist. Mirielle thought bitterly. Its been this way since Rianne left. It’s like Korin shut himself in and refused to let anyone in. If Tori were here, he might be able to cheer him up but he wasn’t.

You told me once I brought it upon myself
but at the time I had no choice
trapped myself in unwanted illusion
It was just too much to ask
the lie, the truth, which one?
I need a helping hand

Ever since Deandra’s death, everyone changed. Rianne, Tori and Korin in particular. Mirielle couldn’t blame them. They were the ones who knew Deandra best after all. Sometimes, when she thought about it, Mirielle felt utterly useless. Being unable to help your friend when they’re in need … it was very difficult to deal with.

the roses are red again
I feel the petals against my skin

Mirielle applauded at the sound of the end of the song and ran backstage. Time’s up.


When Tori woke up, he found himself in an unknown place. It was a harshly furnished room with thin blinds that didn’t help the sun from coming in. He looked left and right trying to remember what happened. When he couldn’t, he tried getting up but for some reason his head hurt.

“Oh! You’re awake~” A girl wearing an eye-patch exclaimed when she opened the door. “Kira! Scythe! He’s awake!”

Tori rubbed in aching forehead. “W-where am I?”

The girl smiled. “Tori, right?

“How did you know?”

“Tori Kastertone. 21. Human. Once a student at Royal Heart Academy but ran away at the end of your sophomore year to here, Southern. You’re a poor traveler looking for a certain person and are living off your guitar.” the girl said, ignoring Tori’s question.

“That’ enough Xai. We’ll take over for now.” said a pale blond man from the door.

Xai nodded and excused herself. The two men at the door approached Tori.

“Miu tells us you mistook her for another person and fainted.” said the taller brown-haired man.

“M-miu? O-oh, I see now.” Tori said, remembering the whole ordeal. “I apologize. I don’t know what got over me.”

“Deandra Lily Maren.”

Tori stiffened.

“That’s the name of the girl you are searching for, is it not?” the blond asked.


“I’m sorry. But Miu isn’t exactly who you’re looking for … besides, you know it already don’t you?” the blond continued.

“Yes, Deandra’s dead.”


When Alina put the phone down, she turned to the girl sleeping soundly on her bed.

“Deandra …” she whispered. “Mama …”

From the looks of it, Deandra and ‘Mama’ are two different people. But could it really-? Alina couldn’t stop the questions from pouring in.

What was going on?

End Chapter notes;
Survived? Congratz! Rianne didn’t appear in this chapter but she probably will in the next. I replaced Rianne’s time for a second Tori appearance ‘cuz I really want to introduce Kira and Scythe (the brown-haired and blond respectively) … I didn’t name them yet tho’

Miu, Xai, Kira, Scythe and the man that was with Miu are all characters from Dark Crimson.

For the next chapter, expect angst that isn’t really angst but is trying to be.

(c) Copyright, Weiss Rememberance, Dark Crimson – Story and characters – Deandra Lily

(c) Copyright, the lyrics/poetry – Deandra Lily

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